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FAQ for Spiritual Counseling, Understanding and Support

FAQ About Spiritual Counseling, Understanding and Support

What methods of payment do you accept?
What is the turnaround time for a receiving a response to your request?
What is the Order Queue?
What to do if your Order is shown as Completed, but you have not received it.
When does Wendy do Support?
Should questions or sharing be general or specific?
How many minutes should you order for any type of Support?
Does Wendy Answer Questions on Health?
How to ask "When" Questions
Will you be told bad or scary things?
If you don't get an answer to a question does that mean something bad is going to happen?
How should you prepare for your In-Person or Phone session?
Can you record your Phone or In-Person session?
Where is Wendy located for In-Person sessions?
Refund Policy

What methods of payment do you accept?

To pay online, we accept Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express), Paypal or Interac E-Transfer. The credit card payments are put through the Paypal system, but you don't need to have a Paypal account to use your credit card. To pay using a credit card instead of a Paypal account, watch the short video that appears after clicking the "Checkout" button. It shows that you need to select the Credit Card or Paypal. Then click the "Proceed to Checkout" button. Next, click on the "Don't Have a Paypal Account?" link. Fill in the form and complete your payment.

What is the turnaround time for a receiving a response to your Support?

For readings by email, Wendy responds on a first in, first out basis. The number of requests completed each day depends on the Wendy's schedule and her energy level. Several requests could be completed in a day.

You always have the option of "Bumping" a request to the top of the Queue so that you are next in the queue. There is a $10.00 additional fee to do that. You can Bump an order at the time of ordering or afterwards.

In-Person requests are by appointment so there is no question as to when you'll have an answer to your request.

What is the Order Queue

The Order Queue is where Wendy lists any orders to be done, that are scheduled for a specific future date or that have already been done.

When a Support request comes in, it is added to the Queue. If the request has been "Bumped", then it is moved to the top of the queue.

Once a request is completed, the date it was sent is added to the Queue details.

Please know this is a manual process and it can take up to 24 hours to show in the queue.

What to do if your Order is shown as Completed, but you have not received it.

Make sure to check your spam folder and if you still don't have it, login to your account and submit a ticket so we can investigate further.

General or Specific Questions?

Should questions or sharing be general or specific?

When your request falls into "Reading" category, detailed normally gets the best response.

Understand that general questions leave it very "open" in terms of what Spirit might answer. For example, if you ask, "What can you tell me about my love life?" then Spirit can give an answer about any aspect of your love life.

And yes, they "know" what you want to ask - your intent, but that doesn't guarantee they'll answer that question. There might be another bit of information they feel is more important for you to know and if it is about your love life, then they have answered your question.

However, if you ask, "Is my marriage going to last?" then Wendy can hone in on that question and the answer should pertain to that question specifically. Also, you'll use less time because Wendy can interpret what she receives faster and that enables you to ask more questions in the minutes ordered.

If your request falls into the "Questions on Spiritual Development or Experiences" then details are very important. Wendy doesn't necessarily tune-in to get an answer as she has plenty of experience from which draw upon to get your answer. What you think isn't an important detail could definitely make the difference between getting one type of answer or another.

Now, if Wendy doesn't have enough details from you to answer properly - she'll write and let you know what she needs. However, it just saves you time if you detail your question or experience more fully.

If your request falls into the "Sharing for Confirmation or Encouragement" then details are less significant. Wendy offers suggestions or recommendations if what you have shared prompts insight or a suggestion but normally, the details aren't necessary. If Wendy is prompted by Spirit to get more details from you, then she will.

So it's up to you. Make your questions general or specific. Experiment a bit and see which method you prefer.

Does Wendy Answer Questions on Health?

Any questions about your health are answered from a spiritual perspective. So if you ask why you are feeling a certain way - it is answered from a spiritual point of view - not a physical point of view. Wendy does not diagnose your health issues. See a medical professional if you are concerned about any health issues.

How to ask "When" Questions

It's best to ask a "when" question in terms of events as that is how Guides answer. While they can give exact dates if they wanted to, they normally won't because if they gave you an exact date, you probably wouldn't live life as you should. You would most likely wait for the date.

Not only that, if they told you that you wouldn't get married for 20 years, you'd be very unhappy and probably give up hope and not want to live. For most, it would lead to very negative consequences and Spirit does not want to do that.

So it is unusual for a date to be given.

Here are some examples of how to ask a when question...

What event is going to happen just prior to meeting my soulmate?

What event is going to happen before I find a job? This way, you can go about living your life and then when the event happens, those in Spirit will make sure you remember what you were told and you'll have a much more accurate idea of "when".

Will you be told bad or scary things?

It is not the intent of Spirit to ever frighten you. They would never tell you when you are going to die for example.

However, they might not answer a question if they know it will upset you. And they might tell you something that you need to know so you move forward on your path that you don't want to hear. That can happen, but they don't ever want to frighten you.

Quite often, they give you the end result of walking a path rather then the details of walking a path. That means that if you are going to spend the year learning a difficult lesson and be stressed out, but at the end of the year you'll meet your true love and be very happy - Spirit would tell you about the true love, but not go into details about being stressed out for a year beforehand. This way they give you hope. The positive event will happen. It might just take longer than what you want or happen in a different way that you thought.

If you don't get an answer to a question does that mean something bad is going to happen?

There are times that you won't get an answer to your question. That does NOT mean something bad is going to happen.

It normally means that you are not meant to know the answer. It could be that you are learning a lesson, have to figure it out for yourself or it's none of your business.
It's also possible that knowing might affect how you life your life - that's another popular reason why you wouldn't be told something.

How should you prepare for your In-Person session?

Over the years, Wendy has found that the best way to get the most information for your money within the time given is to have your questions ready and listed in order of importance. This ensures you don't forget to ask something important, gives her a focal point and makes interpretation of the information received quicker so you end up getting more information in the time allowed.

In addition to receiving guidance from Spirit on life issues and concerns, you can also learn about your aura, past lives, Spirit Guides, etc. Wendy can also help you to understand the Spiritual Realm and your metaphysical experiences.

Can you record your In-Person session?

Sure! You might want to record the session on your phone (but don't expect Wendy to help figure out how to do that) or even use a tape recorder (yes, they still exist). Wendy also provides pen and paper for In-Person sessions should you want to take notes.

Where is Wendy located for In-Person sessions?

Wendy is located in Orangeville, Ontario. Examples of approximate driving times to Orangeville from a few places...

Newmarket or off Hwy 400 at Orangeville exit - 50 minutes
Brampton - 40 minutes taking Hurontario/Hwy 10 North
Milton - 45 minutes
Erin - 20 minutes
Shelburne - 20 minutes
Guelph - 40 minutes
Toronto - 1 hour from around Keele and Wilson - times will vary depending on where you live in Toronto

Wendy gives you the address when the reading is booked.

Refund Policy

No refunds. Wendy guarantees to focus on your questions and concerns and to pass on answers and information to the very best of her abilities. She shares her knowledge about the Spirit World - anything that helps you to move forward on your life path or understand your situation. If she doesn't receive any information to a question you've asked, or doesn't know the answer to a question, she promises to let you know.


You agree to take full legal and personal responsibility for any experiences you have as a result of practicing any technique, incorporating any suggestions or recommendations into your life, or making any decision as a result of knowledge shared. Oralin, Wendy Kay and any third party who provides information for the videos do not assume any responsibility and are not liable for your experiences and/or the decisions you make based on the knowledge provided. If you have health issue, see a doctor regardless of what is given in a reading or meditation (guided or otherwise). Any service/product from oralin.com, oralinlight.com or blockage-be-gone.com does not replace medical/professional services.

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