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What Costume Did You Wear in the Past Year?

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Available until October 21st!

Wendy Kay

Over the last year you have gone through a lot of changes - making decisions, socializing, learning lessons, resolving issues. You were always developing and working towards any goals you might have set for yourself or dreams for your future - whether you realized it or not. You might have just thought of it as getting through each day or living one day at a time. So ... how did you handle it all?

Wendy says a prayer and asks to be connected to your your Spirit Guides so that they can show you a costume that represents how you dealt with all of your life choices and experiences. This is from the perspective of your Guides so it might or might not be what you thought and if you got this special last time - the costume might have changed as your free will could have influenced what was predicted for you.

You might have thought you didn't make the right choices or make any progress, but your Guides could show you that you did extremely well!

If you order the other Halloween special, "What Costume Will You Be Wearing for the Next Year?" then you can compare the two! Are they both the same or totally different? It can be a type of fun "progress report". You can look at how you did and then do some some inner reflection to see how those experiences might have influenced or helped to create your costume for the next year.

It's also a unique way to see how someone you care about (a lover, Soulmate, Next Love, parent, child, or friend) handled the past year.

There is no word or time limit to this reading - Wendy writes down whatever comes through. She also tries to attach a similar picture of what the costume looks like to give you more of a visual however, that is not always possible so if you get an image consider it a bonus.

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Sample Reading...

Here is a Sample Reading that Wendy did for herself and she laughed when she saw the costume because she felt more like a rug that had been trampled on...obviously the Guides and Wendy had a very different view of things.

You are shown wearing a Supergirl costume, but with different colours. I'm hearing, "stronger than one could imagine or believe she could be". It is a purple costume with a yellow "S" on your chest. You also have a very thick gold belt on. You are wearing white gloves as well. Your tights are purple and you're wearing black boots. This indicates a spiritually based life with past life influences.

You are throwing your head back and laughing. Your arms are folded across your chest and you are standing tall and proud.

This costume indicates strength and the ability to face challenges. Message From Your Guide: "Not what you believed or how you felt, but this is how we saw you and it is the truth of your soul. Stronger than you could possibly have imagined. Facing fears and supporting so many others without having much strength - so you thought. It is done and that strength is now a part of you for eternity."

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$25.00 CDN (plus applicable taxes)

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Refund Policy:

No refunds. Wendy guarantees to focus on your questions and concerns and to pass on answers and information to the very best of her abilities. She shares her knowledge about the Spirit World - anything that helps you to move forward on your life path or understand your situation. If she doesn't receive any information to a question you've asked, or doesn't know the answer to a question, she promises to let you know.

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