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Private Guided Meditation or Visualization Sessions...

Private Guided Meditation with Wendy Kay - Relax and Rejoice

Enlightenment is Enhanced with Meditation!

Experience a wonderfully relaxing Guided Meditation or Guided Visualization session that's personalized to your needs and/or wants. Not only are they relaxing, but they're often enlightening.

What's the difference between a guided meditation and guided visualization? With the guided meditation, you just listen and let Wendy lead you through the session. There isn't any interaction. Insight or realizations when doing his type of session are normally more subtle in nature and sometimes happen during the session, but often happen at a later time.

The guided visualization is different from a guided meditation in that the session is interactive. Instead of just listening, you'll share what you see, hear or feel during your session. It's similar to fantasizing or day dreaming. It's normal to receive the knowledge you need in the moment or during the session.

Whether you've never meditated before or are a seasoned veteran of the practice, these particular sessions normally act as a catalyst to bring changes of a positive nature to your way of thinking, feeling and acting.

If you're new to exploring spiritual techniques or are just curious about this ancient practice of improving your body, mind and soul, a guided session is the perfect introduction to all that it has to offer.

Expand your awareness. Give yourself permission to see life and all of its endless possibilities in a different way. Perhaps even experience a shift in the way you think or have a realization that improves your life in some way. You don't need any previous experience to reap the benefits of a Guided Meditation or Visualization Session.

This is a wonderful way to have some much needed "me time" and to relax for a while and focus on yourself.

Each Guided Meditation or Visualization Session is personalized for a specific focus or goal. You'll spend a bit of time sharing your issues, goals, expectations or desires with Wendy and based on what you share with her, she'll create and lead you through a personalized Guided Meditation or Visualization.

These are very relaxing sessions. Like many, you might find you feel much lighter than before the session. You could have an "aha" moment that helps you understand what's currently happening in your life so you are able to feel more at peace. Understanding is preparation for a brighter future.

Your Guided Meditation or Visualization experience is unique to you! Any feelings you have, any revelations that come to you, the understanding that is suddenly apparent to you and any other benefits you receive are truly specific to you. Your friend could have the same session and receive totally different insights because results/benefits are specific to each person.

Sessions are by appointment only and are done in-person at Wendy's home in Orangeville, by Skype or by using Zoom. You must have a mic and video for live online sessions so you can see and hear one another.

Sessions (including evenings and weekends) can be booked 7 days a week (subject to availability).

Scroll down to read more about the current sessions offered however, if you have a specific focus or issue you'd like to address, just let Wendy know and she should be able to accommodate - after all, these session are personalized to you.

Relax and Rejoice

If you're stressed out by life, this is the session for you. Give yourself a treat as Wendy guides you through a relaxing meditation or visualization that helps to alleviate stress or understand your stress issues better. Normally, clients feel lighter and less burdened or heavy. Spend a few minutes sharing what you feel comfortable sharing about the stresses in your life or about how stress affects you and then set your mind free. No experience needed.

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Spiritual Insight Into Your Issue or Life Situation

You can improve your life by gaining some much needed understanding! If you know that something in your life needs to change, but are unsure where to start - this guided meditation or visualization session can help show you the way. Maybe you know the issue, but can't figure out how to deal with it in a way that keeps you moving forward. Sometimes a simple change in actions, attitudes or thought patterns completely opens your path to achieving your heart's desire. Let Wendy lead you through a guided session designed to help you to change and improve your life.

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