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Make a One-Time Contribution ...

If you enjoyed the show or simply want to show your appreciation for it being made available to you, make a one-time contribution.
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Please support my life's purpose, which is to share what I know so others can live a better quality of life.

Life over the last year has certainly changed and while the pandemic will come to an end, things are going to continue to change. From what I have been told, how we live from this point forward is going to be different from what we knew before.

How our bodies respond to what we eat and how we think is going to change. Choosing to ignore issues, isn't going to be much of an option anymore.

There is going to be a lot of negativity in the world that isn't going away anytime soon. It is going to be very easy for people to get drawn into that negativity. While people might have felt the negativity in the world before, they might not have acted on those feelings. Many more people are going to be acting on those negative feelings. It's going to be more important than ever to learn to live so that you are limited by the negativity happening around or even to you.

The information I share is meant to help you live a better quality of life. It's mean to give you understanding of your feelings and why you're having the experiences you're having.

The knowledge I've shared in the past is based on more than 35 years of working with and communicating daily with Spirit. That included meditating, researching how Spirit influences and affects our lives, experimenting with different ways of working with energy, doing readings for myself and others and studying how the Spirit World works. Not only that, I have lived what I've learned. I use the information in my life every day so I could learn how that knowledge would benefit you.

I've always wanted to give everyone understanding, tools and techniques from a spiritual perspective.

With the change of energy globally, much of the information I've gathered over the last 35 years has changed in some way or needs "tweaking" so much more study is needed. Your contribution helps me to spend the time necessary to work with Spirit to better understand what is going to help you live the best life possible.

List of Rewards:

NOTE: For all listings on the Patron's Page you can use your full name, first name only, first name plus last initial, first initial plus last name, initials only or "anonymous". Rewards can change at any time.

The information in the Patrons Area changes frequently.

$1.00 - $15.00:
~ a thank you email
~ recognition for your contribution by being listed on our Patron's Page
~ access to the Monthly Channeled Message for 1 Month ~ access to special Patron Shows for 1 Month

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$101.00 - $150.00:
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~ a shout-out on the next Wendy's Wisdom channel show
~ access to the Monthly Channeled Message for 8 Months ~ access to special Patron Shows for 8 Months plus 1 of the following:
~ 1 month Distance Aura Cleansing and Protection or
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~ 1 month Distance Workplace Energy Cleansing and Protection

$150.00 or more:
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~ recognition for your contribution by being listed on our Patron's Page
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~ access to the Monthly Channeled Message for 10 Months ~ access to special Patron Shows for 10 Months plus 2 of the following:
~ 1 months Distance Aura Cleansing and Protection or
~ 1 months Distance Home Energy Cleansing and Protection or
~ 1 months Distance Workplace Energy Cleansing and Protection or
~ Archangel Ariel Energy Alignment Guided Visualization from the Oralin Store (opens in new page)

Who I'm Trying to Help

Everyone on the planet is walking a spiritual path because we are all spiritual Beings, but there are different types of spiritual paths.

I want to reach and help those who:

1. Need to gain insight or understanding of why things happened in their lives from a non-traditional or spiritual (energy) point of view so they can end their suffering,
2. Want to change, improve or heal their lives using non-traditional or non-invasive tools and techniques,
3. Want to understand their unusual or metaphysical experiences,
4. Want to understand what being and living as an Empath is all about, and
5. Need techniques and information for walking their unique path of personal growth and development from a trusted source of knowledge.

These are all challenging paths because they are all life-changing paths. They are also paths of healing – whether a person realizes it or not. Walking this type of spiritual path often includes:

~ Deep healing and personal transformation
~ Learning to love yourself
~ Overcoming fears
~ Learning to believe in yourself
~ Increasing your self-esteem
~ Learning to trust and have faith
~ >Learning to take risks
~ Resolving issues that affect your life in a negative way
~ Learning to let go of the past
~ Learning to forgive
~ Accepting change
~ Learning to let go of the need to control
~ Having patience
~ Learning to live in the moment
~ Learning to be less critical or judgmental of yourself and/or others

And so much more.

Now, each person’s path is unique and is going to include whatever is meant for that person.

So having a trust source of knowledge to walk this path becomes very important. Actually, it’s not just important – it’s necessary, because it makes a huge difference in terms of how quickly one changes and whether the path becomes more challenging or easier.

I’m sharing what I’ve learned from walking the path so others can learn what they need to learn faster. That means less stress and suffering.

I remember taking 2 years to learn one particular lesson and simply by sharing that information, I can save someone two years of confusion and frustration.

We’re at a time in history where a lot more people are going to be walking this type of spiritual path. It’s already started and it is only going to increase.

I’m reaching out to you because you can help by becoming a Patron. Your support allows me to spend more time creating the products and podcasts that can change lives.

I'm Wendy Kay and I'm hoping to welcome you as a Patron for my show and I guess my business oralin.com. I know what I do can be a bit strange to some, so it's okay if as a Patron you don't believe in what I believe or even understand what I do or how I do it. You just have to trust what your heart is telling you.

The Need for a Trusted Source of Knowledge

On a daily basis, people come to me for psychic or spiritual readings or guidance and the reason they do that is because they are in emotional pain and feel alone and lost. 

They're suffering in some way and they don't have the support or don't feel others understand what it is that they're going though.

They're looking to receive guidance or some kind of insight so that their life can improve or so that their pain goes away or is at least justifiable. They simply don't understand why the things that happened to them had to happen. Looking into the spiritual reasons for an event taking place often gives understanding that can help with the healing process.

Some are searching for answers because they're having unusual metaphysical experiences that they don't know how to handle and the help they need isn't available or isn't from a trusted and reputable source.

This is what happens when people don't have a trusted source of knowledge...

There was a man in my Facebook group who offered to do free aura readings (getting information from the energy that surrounds the body of a person) on members. He private messaged females. He said all they had to do was to send him a selfie while wearing a bra and panties as that would help him to "see" the energy of the aura. Now several group members contacted me to find out if this was normal. I was shocked that a person would do that and horrified that some women actually sent this man selfies. They didn't know any better.

My own cousin called me one day and said that she went to a Psychic Fair and got a reading from this lady named Mary. She said that at the end of the reading, Mary asked for her phone number so she could meditate to see if she could get more information for her. My cousin gave it to her.

A few weeks later, Mary phoned her. She told my cousin that she had meditated for her and spoke to her Spirit Guides. She said that her Spirit Guides were confused and having trouble helping her on her path. She said that she would be willing to meditate 3 times a week to help the Spirit Guides get straightened out. It would only cost her $600.00.

The first thing I asked my cousin was, "how did that feel to you?" She said it didn't really feel right, but was unsure. I told her that her Spirit Guides did not need help getting sorted out and that this woman was out to scam her.

There are more and more people on the internet that are claiming to know what they’re doing when it comes to working with energy, spirit communication and psychic development. Many are out to scam people and take advantage of those that don't know any better. The two stories I described are only two - there are many more that I know about.

Many do have good intentions. They think they know what they're doing, but are just sharing what they've read somewhere and really don't know if what they read was correct or what impact it could have on someone's life.

So one reason I'm doing the podcast and expanding my product line is to get information that is accurate out to those who need it - especially those just starting to walk this path or those that have been walking the path already, but are stuck or feel lost.

They can feel safe knowing I have over 35 years of experience researching and studying how spirit works with us. What I share is based is based on personal experience. I haven't just read about things. I've lived it and tested it to make sure the knowledge is life-changing and is based on a true connection to Spirit. Those who choose to can develop and have that same connection and have a trusted source of knowledge to help them achieve that goal. Some won't want or need to develop, but will gain insight needed to just move forward in life.

By becoming a Patron of my show and business, you'll help reach those walking a spiritual path of personal growth and you'll help those suffering that are in need of a different type of understanding.  The knowledge I share is meant to help someone better cope with life and overcome any challenges.

You'll also help those who want to connect on a deeper level with Spirit, want to strengthen their inner gifts and like you - want to help others.

What Your Support Helps Me to Accomplish...

So as I've said, I'll be sharing what I've learned from over 35 years of studying and researching how to communicate with Spirit and even more importantly -  what I've learned about how Spirit, energy and our spiritual abilities influence and affect our lives.

Your support helps me to pay for whatever is needed to create my show such as the podcast hosting service which is about $500.00 CDN per year. Your support also allows me to do more LiveStream Talkshows, LiveStream Meditation Groups, and products such as premium podcasts, ebooks and guided visualizations that can help anyone anywhere in the world.

I currently have 6 Ebooks that are available on Amazon, Lulu.com, Kobo, Smashwords and Google Play but I would love to write more.

My goal is to become financially self-sufficient by selling the products I create so that any of you wonderful Patrons who are supporting me, can support someone else and help somebody else fulfill their dreams. I've never liked relying on others to help me so this is new territory for me and a very humbling experience.

So I have a lot of goals and hopes for helping others by making their paths a little bit easier by sharing what I've learned.

Sharing what I know and getting people started on this path or helping to make their lives easier by sharing what I've learned - that's really been my passion.

I know that all of the suffering and sacrificing I've gone through was so that I could gain the knowledge I needed, but that's over. It's time to make my hopes and dreams a reality and to enjoy the path while I'm getting there.

Being a Patron is Rewarding

Each Patron level has a "reward" and I'm the type of person who likes to give "extras" to my Patrons throughout the year as a way of saying "hey,

I do understand that many people don't like to share the fact that they are a Patron - especially if they're supporting something that isn't quite mainstream like spiritual/psychic development so you can choose to list your name as Anonymous, first name only, first name with last name initial, initials only - you choose.

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter why you're considering being a Patron, I'm just grateful that you're considering it.

Quite often, the path to achieving a dream never goes smoothly and doesn't turn out the way one wants it to or thinks it should. I know mine sure didn't.

If just one person is helped through what I do, wouldn't contribution be worth it? I know that at least one person has been helped from my shows and from what I share in my ebooks, my premium podcasts, my guided visualizations, and even from my readings and energy work...

There are a lot of you who want to develop your own abilities and have been going through some challenges and the information I share is going to help or has already helped to make your path easier.

Your monthly pledge - at any level - can ensure you keep getting insight and knowledge.

Whatever reason you have for being a Patron, please take the next step. Select your reward level and support my show and my dream.

A Bit About Me...

My name is Wendy Kay and when I was a child, I wanted to be two things - a teacher and a witch like Samantha on Bewitched and no, I'm not a witch. I respect those who want to practice that calling but, it's not my thing. I think my fascination with being a witch had to do with my interest in understanding energy and how Spirit influences our lives, but I certainly didn't know that when I was a child.

In a way, I think I've managed to combine these two desires by doing the podcasts, ebooks and lectures.

I consider myself pretty normal except for the fact that I communicate with Spirit and tend to live my life by understanding how Spirit "works".

I remember when I first started developing my own abilities and my boss at the time said to me, "How can you believe in this stuff? You seem so normal..." and I thought about what he said. I was normal, I am normal - for me. Okay, maybe I think a bit differently from others, but your experiences create your beliefs and maybe my experiences are just a bit odd compared to some. 

Just because you can see, hear, feel or know something that others can't, doesn't mean it isn't real and as long as those things aren't telling you to hurt others or do bad things and you use those abilities in a positive way, I don't see an issue.

My awareness is just different from some, but the same as thousands of others. The difference is that I've been developing my abilities and researching how Spirit works for over 35 years, and many are just starting to investigate and walk this path.

When I first started developing my abilities, the internet didn't even exist and it was very difficult to find anyone who could help you understand your experiences. In addition, you didn't talk about "this stuff" openly and if you did it was usually met with nasty comments.

I lost several friends when I first started to develop and I guess they really weren't my friends in the first place. To this day, my brother-in-law calls what I do "garbage" - but my life is really much happier than his so I guess I have good garbage! Who knew that's how it would turn out and I think that's pretty good considering that when I first started out, to learn anything you basically had to read books.

Unfortunately, many of those books were missing key concepts that would enable me to do things safely. It was frustrating and a bit frightening. When I had learned how to do things properly, I decided I wanted to share that knowledge so others didn't have to go through what I went through so I wrote a book - yes, back then it was a book - not an e-book. I also wanted to make the learning curve for others shorter.

Did you know that when I was in grade school I loved books so much I volunteered to work in the library? Of course you didn't ... but I did and I even got a badge for it that I still have! I guess it was a sign that I was going to write books some day.

I consider myself spiritual and even scientific because I've always needed to know the "whys" and "hows" of life...

~ "Why is this happening to me?"
~ "If Spirit told me this would happen, why did it turn out this way instead?"
~ "How do I do this safely and properly?"
~ "How can others do this safely and properly?" ~ "How can I make my life better?" ~ "How does Spirit help us?" etc.

So when something happened in my life, I needed to know why it was happening from a spiritual perspective. I needed understanding because it helped me to cope and deal with whatever was happening.

Out of frustration, my sister once said to me, "Why do you ask so many questions?" and I said..."If I didn't ask the questions, I wouldn't have the knowledge to share with others so they could understand their experiences."

I started my own website in 1997 called Oralin (oralin.com) and I invite you to drop by and visit. At the time, I was out of work and I needed to earn a living so I invested in a computer and taught myself how to build a website. It's true you know, necessity is the mother of invention.

Anyway, within a month I had created a very basic, but functional web site and I put a reading offer online. At the time I thought, "How will anyone find me and who's going to actually order a reading from me?" Well, apparently they did find me and the orders did start to flow. Many of those same clients are still ordering from me to this day.

Not too long ago, I remember asking one of my clients how she found me back then and she couldn't remember. Google wasn't around yet, but I think Yahoo was. I guess if they were meant to find me, they did - just like you have now.

Like everyone else out there, my life has been filled with struggles and obstacles - but that's why I have the knowledge and the understanding that I do.

And certainly, many have had it much worse than I did, but in the moment one's pain can feel like it's sucking you into the deepest, longest, loneliest black hole imaginable.

However, looking back on it all, it's those experiences that created the insight or even wisdom that enables me to share and help others.

I truly believe that my connection to Spirit helped me to get through all of my challenges. I don't know how I would have done it otherwise. I was once told that everything I was going through was so that I could help those who would be going through the exact same experiences. I can understand that now.

I also believe everyone should have their own personal connection to a higher power filled with light and love - whatever that connection may be. I believe that connection can get you through your darkest days.

I love knowledge and I love to learn - even to this day. I'd be bored if I wasn't learning or discovering something new. I've just come to a point in my life where I don't want to suffer or sacrifice to make my dreams come true. I've done that long enough and it would be nice to have a life that involves more than just work.

As I get older and I head into my retirement years, it just doesn't make sense or isn't practical for me to keep doing readings. I absolutely need to create another source of income that isn't going to drain me or that is going to be there for me even if I'm not able to for example, do a reading.

So I do hope you've learned a little bit more about me, what I want to accomplish and how you can help me to accomplish those goals by becoming a Patron. I really hope that I can put your name on my List of Patron's web page. Of course, you can always be listed as Anonymous. I respect your privacy and I know a lot of people prefer it that way.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read or listen to my story and for considering becoming a Patron.

Refund Policy

No refunds. Wendy guarantees to focus on your questions and concerns and to pass on answers and information to the very best of her abilities. She shares her knowledge about the Spirit World - anything that helps you to move forward on your life path or understand your situation. If she doesn't receive any information to a question you've asked, or doesn't know the answer to a question, she promises to let you know.

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