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You Were Meant to Find Us!

You Were Meant to Find Us

What's Your Interest?

Everybody on the planet is walking a spiritual path - even those who never entertain the thought of "spirituality". We are all unique and your path is different from your partner's or friend's path. If you're reading this then you have a desire to know more and you deserve answers!

Have you found yourself questioning life or are you are just curious about this stuff? Maybe you don't know much about energy and Spirits, but you have an urge to investigate things a bit more. Have you had some experiences that are pushing you to find answers? Do you know someone that is already walking this path? It is possible that you just have an interest that doesn't seem to have come from anywhere.

Have you felt the desire to connect with Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers, Spirit Animals, Angels and/or any Beings of Light? Being able to receive messages from these spiritual Beings changes your life. They can give you messages about your future and about your life path. They give you support, encouragement, inspiration and tons of knowledge. They HELP you and are really interesting to communicate with and they never abandon you. They care for you and love you unconditionally. It's nice to have someone like that in your corner especially when life throws you challenges.

Perhaps dream interpretation has always been of interest to you. Deciphering the symbolism in your dreams is a great way to gain understanding of yourself and your life path.

Learning about your past lives can help you resolve issues in your life and better understand your attitudes and relationships.

Do people always tell you their problems and you find you want to help others? You could learn how to do readings / spiritual counselling. This means that you connect with Spirit in some way that gives you information that can help someone deal with life, gain insight into a problem or even give hope for the future. This can be done using cards, runes (stones with symbols on them), palmistry, tea cups, scrying (seeing images in mirrors/water/crystal balls), psychometry (holding an object or looking at a picture and getting information), or simply connecting to Spirit to receive information. It can be very fulfilling and fun!

While it's true that many people who start to develop their abilities and communicate with Spirit start off by doing readings ... you absolutely DO NOT have to do readings to strengthen your connection to Spirit and change your life. You don't even have to develop your psychic powers or abilities to walk a spiritual path. Just increasing your awareness changes your life and makes it easier in many ways. A new perspective can positively affect your life and your health. When you start to fill your life with light, you start to open doors of opportunities that you never imagine existed. There are so many paths of knowledge to pursue!

Are you the type that just loves to learn? You could choose a path of gathering ancient wisdom! Knowledge is power and knowing if, when, and how to use it can change your life or the lives of those you love. Sometimes, all it takes is you passing on a bit of knowledge or touching someone's life in a subtle way that affects his or her life for the better.

Have you lost a loved one and you want to know if they are okay? Maybe you just miss them and want to have contact with them. Or do you have so much compassion that you just want to bring relief and hope to those who are grieving. The ability of Mediumship (people who talk to the dead) tends to happen naturally as you develop your abilities.

You might not focus on any one thing in particular. You could find yourself exploring many different theories and/or aspects of the Metaphysical or Spirit World. You might jump from learning about how things manifest to working with colours and auras. Maybe then you get the itch to use candle energy before working with crystals. The Spirit World is an amazing place. What you can learn about is endless. Your path is not just about psychic development! It's about opening your world to a whole new way of thinking and living. It's an exciting path

Is life handing you a lemon right now? Does it suck in some way and you need help yourself? Having that instant and permanent access to your own Spirit Guides and Teachers is priceless! There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Life is filled with obstacles that we have to overcome and having someone to chat with about your thoughts and feelings really can help. You can tell your Guides anything - and I mean anything. They don't judge. They just accept you and do what they can to help you.

You'll have your own reason for wanting to explore the exciting world of Spirit and you deserve to have a strong, safe connection to all of the positive Universal Energies. 

Whatever your reasons on for exploring the Spirit World and/or the deeper meaning of life, know that you'll find techniques and knowledge to enlighten you in our DIY Courses and Live in Light Library.

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