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Window Opening By Itself

Window Opening By Itself by Wendy Kay

Posted/Updated: January 2016

Thanks to Kellie for writing in to ask about her very fascinating experience.

Kellie wrote in and asked if I could explain what is happening with the window opening on its own. She set up her phone to record what was happening.

It is very possible for a Spirit to open a window, a door or to move things around. They can also increase the volume on televisions etc. These things are normally done slowly so what is happening with the window makes perfect sense from a spiritual perspective.

It is my understanding that they use energy (electricity) to do this. It's interesting that Kellie says she just charged her batteries and it already says "low". This would make sense because the energy from the batteries would be used to help with the process of opening the window.

From what Kellie says, things get knocked over or the window opens whether it is locked or not. This does not appear to be a malicious entity, but it could very well be that someone is trying to get her attention.

The spiritual Being trying to contact her could be what is called an Earthbound Entity - a person that has passed on, but that has not yet crossed into the light. Perhaps it is just someone who wants some attention or to be recognized. This could be someone that is lonely. It could be a relative that has passed on.

Kellie could try an experiment by asking the entity if it is just wanting attention and use the window to get her answers. So she could ask...

"If you are just wanting me to speak to you and recognize you are here, only open the window one inch."

"If you want me to continue speaking to you, only open the window one inch."

"If you are a relative of mine, only open the window 1/2 inch."

She could use this method to ask any question to get answers.

If what is happening bothers her, she should do a cleansing and protection on her living space to ensure the entity is not negative in nature.

In addition, if at any time Kellie is afraid of what is happening, saying a prayer to God for help and protection should alleviate the issue. She can even demand that whoever is there leave and ask for God's help in doing this. On the other hand, if it is just an Earthbound Entity just trying to get her attention, she could attempt to convince it to go into the Light (I'll write another resource on that).

I did ask Kellie more questions about this situation, but have yet to hear back from her and if I do, I will update this resource.

So any help from those of you out there that tune in or have experience with this phenomena would be welcome. Just register with the site so you can post your comments.

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