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What It Feels Like to Release Energy

What It Feels Like to Release Energy by Wendy Kay

Posted/Updated: September 2015

If you're involved in energy healing, you might hear your Healer make comments about “releasing blocks”, “releasing energy” or “clearing energy”. So what does that mean and what can that feel like?

You have a physical body and a spiritual body. Your spiritual body is made of energy and it controls how your physical body feels and functions. If the energy in your spiritual body does not flow smoothly, it can create issues in your physical body such as aches, pains, disease and emotional/mental problems.

The energy in your spiritual body is affected by your thoughts and what you're meant to accomplish or experience during your lifetime. It's not all about your thoughts. In fact, with the new global energy that's currently settling on the planet – thoughts mean less and healthy living means more, but I'll discuss that in another article. This means that if you're meant to experience an illness because it's necessary to complete part of your life path, you'll have it – you won't be able to prevent it. Those types of experiences create many opportunities for change and learning.

An energy block means that there's a block in the flow of energy in your spiritual body. It's that simple. It can be created by your thoughts. It can be predetermined and necessary for your life path. You can be born with it. It can be created at any point during your life.

For you to feel the very best you can feel, those energy blocks need to be released or cleared so that your energy flows smoothly. You can experience different feelings or emotions when that happens. A typical experience is to feel warmth in a part of your body. This is the energy flowing. An energy blockage can also affect circulation so you can experience the warmth as your circulation improves.

A clearing can also create an emotional release. An emotional release reaction can be when you start to cry. You might have a good reason to do so or sometimes, you just start crying for no apparent reason. You can also start to laugh uncontrollably for no reason. I've had this happen many times when having a back massage. When a block in the energy is cleared, I start to laugh for no reason. I laugh so hard that I cry. It lasts for a few minutes and there is no reason for it at all. Sometimes, you experience a laughing release when something happens in life or someone says something that you find funny. Nobody else might find it funny, but you do. It's a release.

When old negative energy is being cleared from your body, it can come out through the base of your spine. Negative energy hurts. It is painful. I had this happen recently. When I began practicing Dr. Wilson's Push Down Meditation Technique, within a few days I started waking up with lower back pain. I thought it was coming from the spinal twists I was doing however, once I got up the pain went away so it wasn't my muscles. One day it all became clear…

I woke up during the night with extreme lower back pain. It was quite painful and I was also having a very bad dream or what I consider a nightmare. In the dream, people were moving into my apartment without being invited and I couldn't get them to leave. I couldn't find my phone to call my landlord or the police. I was trapped with these people that were preventing me from leaving my apartment and were disrupting my life. That dream was symbolic of energy that was leaving my body. It represented the last 15 years of my life where I felt trapped with no way to escape the events that were taking place. I didn't make the “energy” connection at that point.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, I decided to get up and walk around to see if that would help. I finally tried to ease the pain by lying on the couch. I managed to fall back asleep. The bad dream continued and got worse. When I awoke in the morning, the emotions were so horrible that I just burst out in tears. In fact, I just wanted to die. I could barely breath and couldn't stop crying.

Luckily, I have that connection to spirit and at that point my Spirit Guide cut into my thoughts and told me that everything was okay and I was just experiencing an energy release. He continued to talk to me through the rest of the experience. The crying lasted for a while. The lower back pain got progressively better.

What happened was a release of the energy having to do with the last 15 years – many negative thoughts and feelings associated with that time period. That was the worst release I went through. I had a similar bad dream several times in the weeks prior to this event. I woke up quite angry, but without the lower back pain. Since this major release, I've continued to have lower back pain when I wake up on and off as more energy clears, but the reaction is mild in comparison to that one event.

So releases and clearings can happen and be experienced in many ways. It can be emotional where you cry, get angry, or laugh. Releases and clearings can be reflected in your dreams that bring out and work through emotions. You can experience physical pain that's temporary. Releases can be pleasant or quite nasty.

What is important to remember is that all of these experiences are necessary as they improve the flow of energy in your body so that you feel better emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. During those times it is important to go with the flow of the release and then let it go. Don't dwell on it. It is a release, so allow the energy to dissipate and leave you. It is a blessing that prepares you for a better future. It is a good sign because that energy is no longer needed for your life path and it means that life is going to change for the better in some way!

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