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Treasure Chest Confirmation Visualization

Treasure Chest Visualization

Posted/Updated: March 2015

All of the answers to your life questions, problems or concerns are found within. You never have to go to outside sources if you trust your intuition and follow what you heart is telling you.

The problem arises when you believe or feel one thing and everyone else believes or is telling you something else. When that happens, you have a choice to make and that can be a daunting path to follow.

If you're looking for an answer or confirmation of what you believe you should do then try this very easy visualization technique.

Make yourself comfortable and pick a time where you won't be disturbed.

Now say,

"Higher Power filled with Light and Love,

Cleanse me of all doubts and influences from those in Spirit and in Physical. Let only the pure energy of the Divine flow through me to give me the answer that is meant to be for my life path. Show me a treasure chest that holds the answer to my question. Let the message be clear and resonate with my energy. My question is... "insert your question".


Take a few deep breaths and relax. See and feel a beam of white light coming in through the top of your head. Let it flow through your body and out through the bottom of your feet.

Keep the energy flowing through you for a few minutes. When you feel ready, let your mind float to a place of beauty. It is a space in time and it is filled with the most beautiful colour of energy. You feel peaceful. You feel loved.

Now think about your question, concern or problem.

Allow a treasure chest (or it is possible you will see something else if the answer to your question requires it) to appear in your mind's eye - like you are fantasizing or daydreaming. Let the image flow to you gently. It might appear suddenly. It might slowly formulate in your mind. Perhaps you don't really see it, but rather sense it.

If you see a treasure chest, open it to get your answer.

You may have to decipher your answer. It may be symbolic in nature. If you decipher it correctly, it will "feel" right to you. Trust your intuition.

For example, I used this technique to get confirmation of whether I should put videos of my teachings online. I sensed the treasure chest - sort of saw it using my imagination and opened it. Inside was a book. My first thought was - "no videos - books instead". I heard a thought that said "take the book out" so I took the book out and opened it. Inside was a pop up that was moving like I was watching a mini-movie. Confirmation of the video. Similar to a book that contained information, but in a moving picture.

If your are not sure what the interpretation is then feel free to get further help from any trusted Psychic who can tune-in to get you a more in-depth answer.

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