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Test Your Sensitivities

Test Your Sensitivities

Posted/Updated: October 2015

Here's something fun for you to try...a test of your sensitivity to energies.

Go out into nature and choose an item. It can be a flower, a stone - something that you can hold on to and feel. If you have crystals at home, you can use them as well.

Now sit quietly and breathe deeply. Say a prayer that asks a Higher Power Filled with Light and Love to guide, guard and protect you as you strive to increase your ability to feel energies. For example,

"Heavenly Father,

Please surround me in your love and light and guide, guard and protect me as I practice this exercise. Help me to notice my sensitivities to energy and any changes in what I can sense.


Relax and hold the item in your hand.

Pull the energy from the item and let is wash over you. Feel the energy of the item. What do you feel?

You might feel the following sensations:

- pulsing
- tingling
- warmth

There are other possibilities. You might also hear words or see things in your mind - like you were daydreaming or fantasizing. Relax and go with the flow. Let your mind be open and receptive to whatever nature has to tell you.

Do this for a few minutes several times a week and see if you get more information/sensations as you practice.


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