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Preparing for Isis's Passing

Preparing for Isis's Passing by Wendy Kay

Posted/Updated: December 2015

For about the last 6 months, I have had the feeling that my cat Isis was not going to be with me for very much longer. I just felt it - it was a "knowing" feeling. Nothing in particular at that point gave me clues that the event was imminent, but my whole body was sensing it was coming.

I believed what I was feeling because I've had the "knowing" feeling before so I started to take more videos of her doing what she normally does… cuddling up under my chin, eating her food, sitting on the couch, sitting on the computer desk while I was working, preening herself, relaxing, getting her bellied rubbed and anything else that I wanted to remember about her.

Isis was a "special needs" kitty - a true labour of love. I had rescued her from living in a dumpster when she was about 6 months old. She lived with me for 17 years and for the last 7 years or so, she was not doing so well. I learned to give her subcutaneous fluids (fluids given by needle so she would not dehydrate) that she did not like (who could blame her). She was also on special food for one of her conditions. The last time I went to the vet to pick up the bag of food I heard one of my Guides say, "last bag". I didn't pay too much attention to that bit of information because I understand a bit about how timing works so what I heard could be taking place in Spirit but not yet in Physical. That means it could still be a few years away.

A few weeks after that, my Guides came through and we had a major discussion. I was told that I would have to let go of Isis because she could not come with me on the next part of my life path. They told me she was ready to leave. It was time. I knew it was true - I felt it. I cried for hours. My grieving was already starting. I hoped it would still be a few years away but knew it would be much sooner. As the days passed I kept my eye on the bag of food wondering if I was actually going to end up buying another one.

On July 30th, 2012, Isis was going through one of her normal episodes of throwing up but I noticed that there was blood in it. I immediately called the vet and took her in. It was late when I did this so I just dropped her off for the night.

I came home and didn't feel like doing much (as you can imagine). I was watching television when suddenly I realized that I could feel her energy in the apartment. It felt like she was there. That was not a good sign. Normally, I would feel an absence of her. This time I felt that she was with me and that usually happens when they leave their bodies. I wondered if she had already died.

I spoke with the vet the next day, but it appeared that she was still alive. It did not look good. She had 2 intestinal blockages and with her heart murmur and all her other problems (her kidneys were starting to go and she had megacolon) I decided to put her to sleep and let her go.

The vet brought her in to me and said that she wasn't the same this morning - even the vet techs said she was different. Normally, Isis hissed at everyone. She was gentle and loving but hissed at everyone. It was comical and the vet called it "charming". There wasn't any hissing. I held her, but she didn't even look at me. She had a very faraway look in her eyes - vacant.

After she was put to sleep, the vet cried with me. I think she had seen Isis so much that she became very attached to her. I said that this part of her job must be really hard and surprisingly she said no. She said it was much worse when she had to put an animal to sleep for simple problems that an owner doesn't want to deal with and Isis was not one of those cats.

On my way home, the Guides came through and told me that they had taken Isis out of body the night before. That explained why I felt her in the apartment all evening and why she had that vacant look in her eyes - she wasn't there anymore. They called it being on "autopilot". The body was functioning, but the soul of Isis had already left.

It was a very interesting experience in terms of all of the preparation I was given for this event and it is at times like this that I am so glad that I can communicate with my Guides. I had the "feeling or knowing" that it was coming months before it happened. I was able to speak to my Spirit Guides so I had an explanation of why it was going to happen. I heard messages that gave me clues to the timing of the event. My sensitivity enabled me to feel and know she was out of body and with me the night before she was actually put to sleep.

Being able to communicate with my Guides after the fact has also been a blessing. It was a gift knowing that she was pulled out of body beforehand. They are helping through this time - giving me support and encouragement and more explanations.

I was given a lot of time to get used to the idea and deal with some of the emotions before anything actually happened. I think I would have reacted much worse if all this came as a surprise. Developing my abilities really gave me the chance to prepare for Isis leaving. I said everything that I wanted to say to her and don't feel any regrets.

Oh, and there was still about 1 cup of food left in the bag...

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