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Pele's Message About the Planet and the Volcano Activity

Pele's Message About the Planet and the Volcano Activity

Picture Credit: Daily Express UK

Posted/Updated: June 2018

I was speaking with a friend (and client) who lives in Hawaii. Although Meleana's home was not directly in the path of the eruptions and lava flow, the air quality was making it more difficult to breathe. Thankfully, she decided to move to a safer area before the air became toxic (which it did just after she moved).

Meleana and I have been chatting back and forth about the devastation and she has been sharing pictures that she has received and taken. Yesterday (June 18th, 2018) she told me the lava flow was now at 40 mph. When I went to the lake today, I drove along the long road into the area at that speed ... that's pretty fast! Really scary stuff!

Meleana is also psychic and mentioned that Madame Pele wanted to speak with me directly. Click here to connect with Meleana. In the Hawaiian religion, Pele is the Fire Goddess (the Goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes) and is also the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. She is referred to as "Madame Pele" as a sign of respect.

While I wasn't sure I wanted to connect with Madame Pele to get the message, it was made apparent to me by Spirit through other messages that I needed to do this so I gave in, sat down and tuned in to see what she wanted to share with me. Here is her message...

Message Begins...

"God blesses you in the most Divine way. I'm contacting you today to reassure you of the plan for the planet. We have been cleansing the planet slowly and that is what is happening now in Hawaii (Hawaii was said with an accent) It is an easy way to take the storage of emotions and feelings that people have been generating throughout the centuries in their respective areas and burn them away using fire to transform them into positive and useful energies. There are volcanoes all over the planet that are specific points for cleansing. That is their use. That is their purpose on a spiritual level. They are collection points for negative energy.

All of the anger, all of the hate, all of the ugly feelings that people have are drawn through energy pipes (image of a vacuum cleaner) into a vortex and stored in the volcanoes. Yes, there are still many negative thoughts and feelings floating around you and everyone else however, if these vortexes were not there, the whole planet would be uninhabitable. They are controls. They keep the planet livable.

What you are seeing in Hawaii at this time is a cleansing not only of Hawaii but the entire Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere (image of the area North and South America extending to the poles.) All of the vortexes or energy walkways that were set up to collect negativity and store them in the volcanoes are now being cleansed and released and transformed, thus the devastation that you are seeing. It is part of the cleansing of the planet.

As you know, the energy of the planet is being completed. It's almost done and will be completed or done very soon. Every person on the planet - no exceptions - is also going through a release of some kind. Whatever energies they no longer need and that they are willingly releasing into the cleansing, (the global cleansing) is happening. We cannot take that which is not given up by free will. Whether you give up the negativity and the past through conscious decision or through spiritual agreement, it is considered permission. So what many people are going through and complaining about - they have given permission for. We cannot take from a spirit without permission.

This is a wonderful new beginning for you and for the planet. The changes will happen every single day for every single person and for the planet for the better. The cleansing of the planet continues and we will all do our part and what is happening in the nature realm is much more significant than what is understood. It is not global warming as such but a spiritual cleansing that is necessary. It cannot be stopped or prevented as it must be. Go with God my child of the universe and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak and share my wisdom with you."

Message Ends...

Madame Pele's message certainly was informative for me in that I now understand more the "whys" of what is happening. It really is something positive from a spiritual perspective.

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