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Spirit Images in Helmet's Reflection

Heavenly Guidance just for you!

Posted/Updated: January 2016

"This selfie photo was taken when my husband and I were on a motorcycle ride last summer. No one else was around and as I looked closer, I saw several spirits in the photo! There is a cat or a dog on my helmet by my right eye, there are several white saintly looking deities down to the right of my mouth. I found it fascinating!" - Patricia

Thanks to Patricia for allowing me to post this image. The original photo is posted under this section. I've blown up the original photo a bit and you should be able to see at least one of the two faces that I found.

Relax your eyes and let the face manifest. It might take a few moments for you to see it because as you relax, you'll "tune-in" and raise your vibration enough to connect with and see the Beings.

Make sure when you look through your pictures you also look for any Spirit Guides or entities that may be coming through! Some pictures will come through with very detailed images. Sometimes, it is just energy or orbs. This was actually has some shape to it. Guides can appear in pictures any time and it happens quite often.

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