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Man's Face on Film - Scary Stuff!

Man's Face on Film - Scary Stuff! by Wendy Kay

Posted/Updated: March 2015

A client/friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) of ours sent in this photo that was taken by her friend. It was taken in South Africa. When she looked at the picture, she got quite the surprise!

While I was looking at the picture and thinking about it (so I was sending out that energy) - the man in the picture showed up. He was very distraught and was looking for help. He didn't know what to do and said that nobody would speak to him or could hear him. I told him that he had died and asked him if anybody had come to help him when he first realized his position (I asked him this because it is my understanding that when one dies, there are relatives or Guides that meet you to help you cross over. He replied that people were there, but he did not know them so he would not listen to them.

I got the impression that he was fairly young when this happened so perhaps he did not know a lot of people that had already passed and there wasn't a relative to greet him. I then asked him how he had died. He said that he didn't know - that it happened very fast. One minute he was alive and the next he found himself in this position.

Earlier, I had sent the picture to my sister Elaine (as she is also clairvoyant etc.) and told her to check it out as she would find it of interest. I didn't warn her that it might be a bit odd or creepy (kinda creeped me out at first). Well, it was about 6 am when she got my message on her phone and she was standing in a dark hallway when she opened the picture. She said it scared the crap out of her. I laughed so hard. I guess I should have warned her ...

We were discussing the situation and I mentioned that I was drawn to the red energy spot in the man's head. I said that I thought is could be a reflection of the sun or something like that, but she was told by Spirit it was not. We assumed that it had something to do with how the man died. We figured it was a brain aneurysm and that is why his death was so fast and he didn't know what had happened to him. So this soul would have had to go through healing to fix the energy that was damaged during his passing.

This was not a difficult cross-over by any means. This man wanted help. He was afraid, but not negative. He just needed some guidance. I explained to him that he just needed to say a prayer and ask for help. I reassured him that the Beings that came to help would be from God and would be positive. I didn't even have to do anything - he did it all. He said the prayer and asked for help. He saw the Beings and ended up going with them. He also told me he would come back again if possible to let me know how it went. It has been a few days and I have not seen or heard from him. I'm sure he is very busy.

Make sure when you look through your pictures you also look for any Spirit Guides or entities that may be coming through! Some pictures will come through with very detailed images. Sometimes, it is just energy or orbs. This is an exceptionally good image.

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