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Effects Ascension has on Evolution

Effects Ascension has on Evolution

Posted/Updated: July 2018

The following is the exact Horoscope our client Anne received on Friday, June 22, 2018 ...

"Evolution is taking the next step and you'll see it happen in your lifetime. It changes humanity and you bear witness to it. It is an honour."

When Anne read the message she was intrigued and asked if I could do a reading to further expand on the message to gain more insight. I decided to do a channeled reading as that gives the Guides a chance to share whatever it is they want to share.

Once I read over what was given, I thought it might be useful for others to read as well so I asked Anne if it would be okay to post it. Anne is a very giving and gracious lady. Her exact words were, "Yes, feel free to post for others. It is very informative." So thank you very much Anne for allowing me to share this message with others!

Message About Ascension and Evolution Begins...

"This is an energy change and that change is an evolving step for mankind. Each and every person on this planet will be transitioning into a higher level of energy. The rate at which the change takes place is unique for each soul however, any Being that is on this planet is working towards the evolutionary process of incorporating light into their energy.

As a result, people will start to change and they will eventually begin living in a different way from that which you have seen in the past.

The foods they eat will be digested and absorbed into the system differently. It must be on an equal level with the spiritual level of the Being. If it is not, digestive issues will occur and illness in the body will take place.

In the past, this was not an issue and it did not make any difference in terms of what was eaten and how it affected the spiritual body. Yes, people would get ill because of how they ate, but it is not the same as how it will affect people today. You will see it happen with those around you.

The way people think will start to change. You'll see more and more people wanting to help others after they learn to love themselves for one cannot happen without the other. So those people that help others but do not yet love themselves, will not progress in the same way that those that help others and love themselves do.

It is a spiritual concept and evident in spirit more than it is evident in the physical realm. This is why learning to love one's self is so important. Helping others and not loving yourself does not advance the soul in the same way. This is not to say that it is not taken into consideration on a spiritual level - it is, however it does not eliminate the need for the soul to learn self-love.

People's abilities will change and being "spiritual" will be more accepted as more and more people have the same experiences. It is meant to be.

Each person's abilities will change in some way as they evolve and step up into the light. How a person's abilities change is unique to that soul and their path. You will see your own abilities change the more you change. The two are directly related.

People are noticing changes in their abilities, but for many it will be temporary as their bodies are adjusting to the new energy. As the energy settles, they will settle into the level or skill that is meant for their spiritual vibration. Again, this is tied into what is meant for one's life path.

You will see changes in those around you. Some will get closer and some farther apart. Like energies will group together as it is more comfortable. Those whose energy do not resonate well together, will separate and become farther apart. The dynamics of the relationship will change and they might not understand why.

There is nothing wrong with the people becoming distant from one another. In fact, it is necessary as being around an energy that does not resonate well with another will breed a state of disharmony that is not advantageous to those evolving faster.

Many souls that are not evolving quickly have chosen to leave the Earthly realm at this time so that they can work on their soul's development in Spirit or in other realms. You will see many people leaving the planet and returning to Spirit to make a slightly different transition. It is all good. Each soul is moving or transitioning at their own pace.

So evolution takes many shapes and forms. Watch those around you and notice the changes. Welcome the changes and do not fight what is happening. Accept it with love and understanding.

Message Ends...

It does appear that there will be some changes happening for people as they step more fully into the new energy. I know that I have seen some of what was mentioned manifest in my own life. How about you? Have you noticed some of the things mentioned in the message manifesting in your own life?

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