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Dr. Wilson's Push Down Meditation Technique

Dr. Wilson's Push Down Meditation Technique by Wendy Kay

Posted/Updated: October 2015

I learned of this technique from Dr. Wilson's Nutritional Balancing Program. I was led to this program by my Spirit Guides. In fact, I was told about it when I channeled messages for myself from my Guides about five years prior to finding it. At the time, I asked my Guide how I was going to heal myself (as I was quite ill at the time) and I was told that I would be taking many different vitamins, be given explanations by the doctor, eating right and living right.

I thought that what I was being told would happen at that time, but it never did. My physician did not give me any explanations or vitamin recommendations. This is not unusual as it is normal for Guides to give you messages that manifest years down the road. That is why it is so important to live in the moment and follow your intuition and not necessarily what a reading is telling you, UNLESS your intuition confirms it.

Once I found the program, I recalled what I was told so many years ago so I took out my diaries to find the entry. I was pleased (and relieved) to find that everything I was told then, matched perfectly with what was happening.

This meditation technique was created by Roy Masters and has been updated by Dr. L. Wilson. It is a very grounding meditation technique, which moves the chi (life force energy) down through your body. Chi is a healing energy which can help to regenerate your body.

If the energy in your body is flowing upwards, you can end up with common ailments such as panic attacks, anxiety, fear, heartburn, or GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), feeling spacy, unsteady, low self-esteem/confidence, a tendency for fatigue, depression, obesity and more. Read more about the importance of downward flowing energy.

If you are meditating to develop your psychic abilities (communicating with those in Spirit) or raise your vibration - you should practice this technique to balance your energy.

Dr. Wilson's program has its foundation in hair analysis and proper diet for your oxidation type (how well you metabolize your food). Based on the results of the hair analysis, you take supplements to balance and heal the body. I have been following this program since May 2014. There have been many changes to my health since beginning this programming. It is a detoxifying process and it is done slowly.

This meditation technique is part of the program and whether you follow the Nutritional Balancing Program or not, you will benefit from practicing the technique.

Click here to listen to the technique.

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