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Do you See Life from a Spiritual Perspective?

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Posted/Updated: January 2019

Most people see their lives from a physical perspective and there's nothing wrong with that. It's also important to remember that what happens in one's life can also be seen from a spiritual perspective.

Let's consider physical or emotional ailments for a moment - specifically a physical ailment such as arthritis.

Many people suffer from arthritis and it can certainly interfere with life. As it progresses, it prevents you from doing things you enjoy. It creates a never ending cycle of chronic pain. It makes simple tasks challenging. It takes the joy out of living and you certainly deserve to have joy in your life.

From a physical perspective, you might be told there's inflammation in the body or there was trauma linked to the site of the arthritis (which caused it in the first place). You might be told it's just the natural process of aging or any other reason.

You'll probably be prescribed prescription or over the counter medication to help relieve the pain. The cost of that can certainly add up, not to mention the inconvenience of having to remember to take them! I know that's what I've been told - "Take Advil and Tylenol" and I know what those products can do to a body so that's not my first line of defense. I'd rather look at the issue from a spiritual perspective.

The reason for having arthritis from a spiritual perspective is quite different. Spiritually, it can be about feeling unloved or experiencing criticism or resentment (based on Heal Your Body by Louise Hay).

So basically, your thoughts and feelings can have a hand in creating the physical issue. If you feel unloved, criticize yourself or others and harbour resentment, arthritis can manifest in your body. (Feeling unloved and self-criticism played a large role in my developing arthritis.) So the theory is ... change your thoughts and you might be able to alleviate or fix the issue. But why would that happen?

As many of you know, we all have an energy body as well as a physical body. That energetic body keeps the physical body functioning.

If the energy doesn't flow properly, the physical body reacts. So take Louise Hay's theory of having thoughts that are negative in nature and expand on that theory by adding the understanding that those thoughts end up creating an actual energy blockage. That blockage prevents the flow of energy and when energy can't pass through the area of the body as it should, the ailment such as arthritis is created.

That theory works for the emotions as well. If you have a repetitive negative thought, you create blockages in the emotional body so energy doesn't flow as it should and that creates emotional issues such as stress, depression, etc.

So if you change your thoughts, you stop the blockage from being created or make the blockage dissolve so the energy flows as it should and the body changes and heals.

Of course, I'm simplifying the explanation. You also have to understand that blaming your thoughts and how they affect your energy and your body is one way of seeing an issue from a spiritual perspective, but there are other spiritual influences that can have a hand in creating issues.

For example, a soul can want to have the experience of arthritis for spiritual growth. So perhaps the soul had a lifetime where it had a mother that suffered from arthritis and in that lifetime the soul couldn't understand the pain the mother experienced and lacked compassion for her.

So when the soul goes back to Spirit, it decides to have a lifetime where it has arthritis just like the mother had so it could learn what it was like to have that same issue. It's for the soul's spiritual growth and understanding - learning compassion.

The soul could be born with it or have it develop very early in life so the arthritis might not be about feeling unloved, criticism or resentment.

It's also possible that you bring that ailment forward from a past life experience in a different way.

Perhaps you had a lifetime where your thoughts created arthritis and you built up so much anger and resentment about having the ailment that when you died, you carried that anger and resentment with you.

So when you come back in this lifetime, you choose to have arthritis again so you can resolve the emotions associated with having it in a past life. Your spiritual lesson would be to change your attitude and learn to see the affliction from a new perspective.

So there are several spiritual causes - not just the ones I've mentioned - for experiencing a physical or emotional issue.

Why is that important to know? What's the point of understanding that there's a physical and a spiritual cause of your physical or emotional illness or a loved one's illness? Well, it opens the door to new way of handling the issue. You can choose to change your life by dipping into your spiritual toolbox!

For example, one might want to try Tapping (tapping on certain parts of the body in sequence) to clear the blockages causing the issue.

Doing yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong is often very effective in keeping energy paths free of blockages.

Meditating or doing guided meditations to address issues from a spiritual perspective is another option.

And if you don't want to do any of that, you can always have someone else work on clearing the blockages for you.

Getting readings to gain spiritual insight into your life issues can often help give you understanding of why you're going through certain things. It won't clear your blockages, but sometimes it gives you an understanding that helps you to cope better.

So if you're suffering in any way, don't forget to look for the spiritual reasons behind what's happening to see if you can address the issues from a spiritual perspective.

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