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Ascension - Your Soul's Evolution

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Posted/Updated: November 2014

You may have heard about it, but very few of you may actually understand or even know what is meant by the term Ascension or the Ascension Process. It really is quite simple. The term Ascension simply means that people will start living in a higher level or dimension of energy.

Prior to December 21, 2012, everyone was living in the "old" energy or dimension. On December 21st, the new healing blue energy started to settle over the planet. It will take a few years for this energy to fully settle, but when it does many people will start to live in the "new" energy or dimension. Not all people will do this. There is more light in the new dimension and thus the rate at which the spiritual body vibrates is much faster. This means that a person's spiritual body must be vibrating at the same rate as the new energy to fully live in it. A person can still exist in the new energy even if his or her spiritual body is of a lower vibration.

Some of you will be moving from the old to new energy during this lifetime, but most people who are already living at this time won't be making the full transition. When you complete the move to the new dimension, life will become more peaceful for you simply because the new energy does not tolerate negativity. It forces you to resolve issues faster.

To move into the new dimension, you do not have to be what is considered a "spiritual" person. You don't have to be able to see things in Spirit, hear things in Spirit, sense or know things, have premonitions, or even believe in alternative realities. For a person to move from the old to the new dimension, he or she must not have any negative karma to resolve. Negative karma holds a soul back from progressing and lowers the vibration of one's spiritual body. So to move into the new energy, you must have resolved any negative karma. That is the only stipulation to moving into the new energy.

As many of you already know, the old energy is not a happy energy. It is the energy of emotions and thus many of you suffer quite a bit of the time. The lessons and karma from the old dimension are typically difficult and challenging lessons. They are filled with a great deal of negative emotions such as anger, hate, lack of self-love, jealousy, etc. Sound familiar? The lessons of the new dimension bring more happiness to each individual. Life will not be as challenging and you will resolve any challenges faster because you won't tolerate the negativity.

The changeover to the new energy is a natural process. It is higher level Beings that make the energy changeover. They disconnect all connections to the old level energy and activate the new level energy. Other people cannot do this for you so if someone is offering a course telling you that they can "ascend you" - forget it - they can't. It will happen to you naturally when it is meant to happen and it takes time as your physical body must adjust to the changes over time.

Not everyone will start living in the new energy at the same time. In fact, a very small percentage of people will be living 100% in this energy. The process of everyone on Earth fully living in the new energy is a slow one. It does not happen overnight, but rather over several hundred years or several lifetimes. When the process is complete, the Earth will be a wonderful place to live - not a place filled with wars and hate, but one of love and great peace. This new energy does not tolerate negativity in any form.

If you research the process of spiritual Ascension, you will find that there are a number of strange theories about it circulating. Some say that when you ascend there is a spaceship that comes and takes you to another planet. Some say that you simply vanish from Earth and start living in another reality with only other special people. The stories are endless. The truth is much more boring. Ascension is simply a process for each individual where the energy body of the person changes and the vibration becomes lighter, but you still live quite a normal life here on Earth.

If you are not going through the Ascension process in this lifetime, do not take it as a sign that you are not as "spiritual" as those who are. All it means is that you still have old level karma to resolve. You may be a very spiritual person. And there will be those who go into the new dimension energy who would not be considered highly spiritual however, they would have completed anything that had to be done in the old energy.

Once the process is complete and the energy is fully activated on a global level, you may or may not see any changes in your life.

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