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Best Relationship Advice Ever

Relationship Advice from Video World on Vimeo.

Posted/Updated: October 2018

Duration: 9:53 minutes

I can't tell you how many people get readings about romantic relationships. It's probably the number one type of reading for which people ask for guidance or advice. This video is the BEST ADVICE!! Listen to it over and over again if you need it. Nobody should be walking into negative and hurtful relationships (not limited to romantic relationships - any relationship) consistently and stay there because of fears or lack of self-worth.

While all relationships have issues, if your interactions with someone are negative almost all of the time (daily, every other day, several times a week or when you are afraid to see someone because you are waiting for the hurt to happen) and that person won't even attempt to change to improve the relationship even when you have spoken with them about how it is affecting you ... it's time for a relationship review! There's normally karma at work there and/or you are learning a lesson.

If you've spoken to someone about the issue and they try to change or make an effort for a few months and then revert back to old behaviours and is not working on the issue consistently then he or she is just appeasing you for the moment until you "get over it".

If someone is always angry and doesn't look at his or her life and work on changing their attitude because they don't think they are angry or believe it's just the way they are, that's an issue if it is making you feel bad in some way.

If someone ignores you and you feel like you are not important (many of us grew up with that from our parents and suffer from abandonment or lack of self-worth issues) ask yourself what you are getting from the relationship?

If someone is disrespectful of your feelings over and over again even when you have told that person what they are doing irritates or hurts you, understand that is not a sign that he or she cares about you - that is not love.

If someone bullies you over and over again and then smiles or apologizes and thinks that makes everything okay (or worse don't even do that), they think the behaviour is okay and will do it again.

Most DANGEROUS OF ALL to your health and well-being ...

IF YOU FIND YOURSELF taking on that person's attitudes (becoming angry, becoming a bully, becoming disrespectful, etc.) because it's the only way you know to fight back ...

understand that is so toxic and immediately change the dynamics of the relationship which might include LIMITING ENCOUNTERS or WALKING AWAY from that person/situation.

Over time, those types of relationships WILL affect your energy negatively. Interactions such as those mentioned (and their are more of a similar nature and I've only mentioned a few) will create blockages in your body. It will create illness. It will attract negativity into your life.

Love yourself enough and have faith in a higher power filled with light and love to help you escape from those chains of bondage.

Can't view the video above? Try watching it on Vimeo by clicking here.

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