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Actual Example of Energy Blockage Caused by Back Injury

Posted/Updated: November 2018

Duration: 3:41 minutes

Client: Female, 56 years old
Issues: Lower Back Muscle Twist.

It's important that Wendy does blockage clearings on herself consistently to help ensure that any sessions she does are the best they can be. As you may or may not know, Energy Artist Elaine (Wendy's sister) normally did the blockage diagrams that Wendy uses to do client sessions. Wendy now does the diagrams. Prior to doing any session, Wendy prints out a copy so she can cross off each blockage as it is cleared.

As it happened, Elaine was coming over to Wendy's to take her out for her birthday dinner. Wendy had already printed out her next session as it was to be done the following day. Now Wendy decided to do some laundry and clean up a bit so that her place was what she called "presentable". So she was lifting things and running around and during the process she twisted and pulled a muscle in her lower back. Not the first time and probably not the last time, but it was painful and debilitating.

Luckily, she immediately did a spot session on the area to try and limit the damage. It did help. She was able to straighten up and move about in less pain but she knew there was more clearing that needed to be done than just the immediate area.

So when Elaine arrived to take her out, she asked her to update her diagram to reflect any new blockages - "if there were any" - to which her Guides replied, "ya think?". So it was obvious that there were more blockages.

When Wendy prints out her working copy, it is done on a laser printer and the image is in black and white so when Elaine added the new blockages using pink pastel, it was evident which blockages were created by the injury. Wendy did her session the next day and it did improve how she felt. She was able to stand up straight and pretty much function normally. However, she did go to the chiropractor a few days later because she knew that she needed her spine to be put back into place.

Wendy was going to throw the diagram in the garbage - in fact, it was already in the recycling when she realized that it was a good example to show clients of how blockages can be created in the body from an injury. So the image that you see in the video was the "working copy" and yes, it appear crinkly because she took it out of the recycling.

One might think that by straining the lower back that only the lower back is affected, but not so. You can see from the diagram just how many blockages are created in other parts of the body. The neck is affected as well as the legs and the opposite side of the body. Clearing these blockages in the body, typically allows the body repair itself faster.

Can't view the video above? Try watching it on Vimeo by clicking here.

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