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Can You Remove A Curse? Can You Make Someone Love Me?

Posted/Updated: December 2015

Duration: 20:15 minutes

Thousands of people are scammed everyday because they live in fear and lack knowledge! Wendy discusses a very important aspect of walking a spiritual path - recognizing those who want to take advantage of you.

Not five minutes after I first posted this video online, a lady in another group I'm in posted the following... (she gave me permission to use this as an example, but asked that her name be removed)...

"I have a question for you folks that I need some advice on. I saw a reader here where I live who said that I had a block in my heart chakra and that the "window" of opportunity to unblock it will close within the next couple months for TEN YEARS. After that, I may have an opportunity to try to unblock it. She said for $500-1000 she would help me and meditate on it as well as use aromatherapy and crystals to unblock it. Said it would take four visits or so. She mentioned several things about myself that I already know, so she was correct with that. But have you ever heard of there being a window of opportunity to fix a chakra that can disappear for ten years? I mean, I'm a Reiki master and have never heard such a thing. Thoughts? It actually bothers me a little. And for the record, not gonna follow through with her. I think it's absurd."

So you see, scam artists still exist and are actively trying to take advantage of people!

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