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Meditation Moment 1

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Posted/Updated: November 2016

Breathing in the healing and loving energy of the Divine is supremely important for your spiritual development and work. Having energy blockages in your body affects the quality of your readings, healings and any energy work that you do. It's extremely beneficial to clear out any blockages.

Most of us don't pay attention to that aspect of spiritual work - especially while we're learning. That doesn't mean it isn't important.

Here's a quick and useful exercise to help you start the process of clearing energy blockages from your aura. We'll be adding more pictures every few days. Search for "Meditation Moments" and choose an image to which you are drawn. That will help you to really feel the energy of the Divine.

Please remember that you might have another name for the Divine such as God, Universe, Heavenly Father, Goddess - use the term that resonates with you. It's the intent that is important. You might want to try using a few different names each time you practice to see if it brings different results.

Follow these steps and practice it several times a time if possible. If you can only do it once a day - that's great to - just DO IT!

1. Gaze at the picture. Say, "I am in the Divine Energy. The Divine Energy is in me. The Divine Energy and I are combined together."

2. Imagine breathing the Divine energy into every part of your body. Breathe it into your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, torso, legs, feet and don't forget your internal organs. Breathe in the energy and feel it coming in through every part of your body. 3. Store all of the life affirming energy in behind your navel.

4. Breathe out slowly. As you do say, "all of my energy channels are open". Feel any blockages dissolve and go back to the Divine to be turned into positive loving energy. They might dissolve into smoke or dissolve and fly away like butterflies - find your own visualization that "feels right to you".

Repeat 2 thru 4 for several breaths or minutes. The longer the better, but even a few breaths is beneficial.

More Resources: Newest 1 2

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