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Psychometry - How to Pick Up Information from Objects or Photos!

Psychometry - How to Pick Up Information from Objects and Photos

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A Bit About...

Psychometry is a method of Divination (a type of reading technique) so if you're interested in learning to do readings or expanding the type of readings you can do ... this is a great method to tackle.

If you've never practiced any type of Readings, but have an interest in it - this is a perfect starter course. The technique is easy and you can get confirmation of the information you are receiving if you use items or photos that others know about. That's important for building your confidence.

This reading method is also fantastic for those who want to strengthen their psychic abilities. You'll naturally start to become aware of when you are receiving information and connecting to Spirit for more information. It will happen naturally and you won't have to think about it so it's an easy way to develop.

Empaths or those who are sensitive to energy typically get excellent results using this method because they naturally draw in the energy. This means they'll get results faster and the technique becomes second nature. It also starts to help them understand how they feel in day-to-day living.

If you enjoy learning about history and have access to antiques or family heirlooms, make sure to learn this method because you can practice the technique AND learn things about your special historical items at the same time!

There are so many benefits to learning this technique. It just takes practice so sign up and start today!

This is a concise course of approximately 45 minutes of information. It has been broken into 8 videos for ease of viewing. You'll have Lifetime Access* to this course.

You'll learn what you NEED to know so you can become a successful Reader of objects and photos. This course contains the basics to get you started and you can be assured that you'll have a solid foundation for continued development and progress on this very interesting journey.

$24.95 CDN plus any applicable taxes

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Course Content...

Part 1 - Psychometry - Definition - In this video, Wendy helps you to understand the definition of Psychometry. She tells you what kind of information you can receive practicing this technique. She also explains how you are able to pick up information from objects and/or photos.
Duration: 5:00 minutes

Part 2 - Psychometry - 3 Sources from Which You Receive Information - While doing Psychometry readings can be fun, you really should understand where the information is coming from so you have a better understanding of the whole process and technique. Wendy explains a bit about the 3 sources from which you can receive information or details about an item or photo.
Duration: 4:25 minutes

Part 3 - Psychometry - Best Item to Use to Get Information for a Reading - You can receive information from any item however, there are some items that are better to use than others. Some items will help you to get a better quality of information. Wendy discusses what to look for or what to be aware of when choosing an item to read.
Duration: 5:30 minutes

Part 4 - Psychometry - Best Photo to Use to Get Info for a Reading - Just as with items where some will give you better information than others, you need to be aware of which photos will give you quality messages or which will make it easier for you to receive enlightenment.
Duration: 4:00 minutes

Part 5 - Psychometry - Technique - Part I - It's time to get started with the fun stuff! It's time to start practicing. To get the best story from your item or photo possible, you must follow a process that ensures you're doing your reading correctly. The first step is to make sure you are getting information from a positive source.
Duration: 6:05 minutes

Part 6 - Psychometry - Technique - Part II - So you have set yourself up for success before you try to get any details from Spirit. Now, you have to further prepare for receiving info by implementing a simple but extremely important step. Not taking this step can make receiving information much more challenging. They don't realize the important role it takes in the whole process.
Duration: 7:00 minutes

Part 7 - Psychometry - Technique - Part III - Wendy explains how to start receiving the energy to receive impressions or insight. She also gives you a good way to test whether you are "getting something" or it's just your imagination. She then discusses how to know when the reading is complete.
Duration: 8:30 minutes

Part 8 - What You Might Experience - Each person is going to react differently to taking in energy from an item or a photo. Wendy shares some of the more typical experiences so that you'll be prepared for what you might notice or feel.
Duration: 6:50 minutes

Lifetime Access* - Access the course at any time with an Active Account. An Active Account means you have logged into your Oralin Account within the last year. If you have not logged into your Oralin Account within the last year, Oralin reserves the right to deny you access to this course.

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