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DIY Course - How to Communicate with Spirit - Part II

How to Communicate with Spirit - Part II

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A Bit About Part I and II...

This is a very practical course. It's designed to get you started quickly with "what you NEED to know" information.

If you have an interest in developing your abilities or have had experiences and want to better understand them then this is the perfect starting point.

Maybe you don't have any knowledge about the Spirit World and psychic development. Perhaps you've been researching and dabbling with various techniques to explore your gifts. Quite possibly you've been developing for a while or trying to develop and haven't had the success your desire or just wonder if you are doing things correctly. Part I and Part II gives you a solid foundation for development and ensures you can continue to develop with or without guidance from anyone other than your Spirit Guides and Teachers.

You don't need any previous experience so let go of any doubts.

By the end of taking Part I and Part II, you'll have a strong foundation for learning to communicate with those in Spirit - specifically your Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers, but not limited to them. This means that if you want to communicate with a relative or friend that has passed on, you'll have strong foundation to do that safely.

It doesn't matter what type of energy work you are doing or wanting to do - readings, healings, crystal work, visualization, out-of-body, astral projection, lucid dream work - ANY energy work requires a solid foundation to ensure the best results.

A Bit About Part II...

In Part II, you'll learn how to create your spiritual classroom so you can make contact with your Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers safely. Most importantly, you'll learn how to tell when you are communicating with a Being of Light and what to do if you are not.

Part II is approximately 1 hour and 18 minutes of video information. You'll have Lifetime Access* to this course.

How to Ensure You're Dealing with a Positive Spirit
Ensure you are dealing with the Beings of Light that are beneficial to your life path. Anyone who is trying to communicate with Spirit will benefit from this course as it helps one to see the truth of the energy with whom one is interacting. If you are learning to meditate and interact with Spirit, it is a must. Spirit Guide will limit your experiences if you do not know how to do this. Believing that negativity does not exist or having the intention to only deal with positive energy is not enough if you truly want to progress and understand the Spirit World.
Duration: 25 Minutes of information broken into 4 videos for ease of viewing.

Creating Your Spiritual Classroom
You must have a way to contact your Spirit Guides, Teacher and other Spirit Entities that is your "safe and protected" place. It is your starting point. Learn what 4 components must be in your spiritual classroom and then create it!
Duration: 9 minutes of information broken into 2 videos for ease of viewing.

Communicating with Spirit Technique
Now the real fun starts! In a few easy steps, you can now start communicating and learning from Spirit! Let go of your expectations and take it slow.
Duration: 19 minutes of information broken into 3 videos for ease of viewing.

Common Meditation Experiences
This section tells you what you NEED to understand about the experiences you can have during your practice sessions. This section includes the experiences from the Raise Your Vibration Common Experiences as those can occur in this type of session as well.
Duration: 25 minutes of information broken into 5 videos for ease of viewing.

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