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Raise Your Vibration Meditation Technique

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Technique - Part 1 - Want to connect with Spirit better and strengthen your intuition? Learn what this type of meditation will do for you and how it can improve your life. You'll also get the first step to practicing this meditation technique.
Duration: 6:00 minutes
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Technique - Part 2 - Part 2 continues telling you what to do next to practice this technique. Learn to set yourself up to ensure you are protected and connected to Spirit so you can continue making a stronger connection when you practice the next step.
Duration: 4:40 minutes
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Technique - Part 3 - Finish off your meditation session by grounding yourself in the light. Don't forget to record your sessions and there are good reasons for that. Finally, Wendy brings the technique together in an overview and discusses your meditation schedule.
Duration: 7:20 minutes
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