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The Basics of Protection

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Protection Exercise - Take a few minutes to do this exercise that is meant to help you understand the benefits of using protection.
Duration: 4:55 minutes
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Why Use Protection - Many don't know about having to use protection when developing or don't believe it's necessary. Wendy spends a few minutes sharing why it's important for your to incorporate protection into your development.
Duration: 5:30 minutes
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How to Invoke Protection - Learn the simplest way to start using protection. Wendy shares how using protection can affect your energy work.
Duration: 4:40 minutes
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Creating Your Protection Prayer - Learn the basic components of a Protection Prayer and how to personalize and create your own.
Duration: 5:00 minutes
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Protection Items - Protection prayers are not the only method of protection - there are also protection items. Wendy introduces you to a few that you can use in your daily lives.
Duration: 6:19 minutes
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The 3 Laws - A Higher Power Filled with Light and Love helps you on this path of learning. Learn the 3 Laws that are always promised to you.
Duration: 6:15 minutes
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