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Your Meditation Environment

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Appendix A - How to Communicate with Spirit Ebook - It's difficult to remember all of the information shared in these videos so Wendy has made it easy for you by including her ebook which contains all the information from the course. Just download it to your computer or device and once your access time is over, you'll have everything that you need to know at your fingertips.
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Choosing Your Space - Having a meditation environment that makes it easy to connect to Spirit ensures you'll get the best results for your sessions. Wendy discusses some of the things to consider when choosing the location of your meditation space.
Duration: 5:00 minutes
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Consider Energy Density - It is easier to get results and communicate with Spirit when the energy around you is filled with light and less dense. Wendy explains how you can tell whether the energy in the space is going to get you the best results.
Duration: 6:40 minutes
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Other Things to Consider - There are many other things to consider when meditating. Some things make your sessions more relaxing and some have the opposite effect. Make sure to always focus on what will improve your sessions.
Duration: 8:50 minutes
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