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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
A Dog's Purpose

September 8, 2020

Dear Lightworker,

Who doesn't like to watch a good movie? I sure do. Okay, I'm not into war movies, scary movies and movies that have to do with negative past lives that I've had (so I have figured out, but that's a whole other topic) but, I'm open to most others. 

I happened to be looking for something to watch on TV and flipped to the free preview channel. I started watching a moving called "A Dog's Purpose" - not because I read about it and thought, "Gee, this sounds great!" but because it was on and there wasn't anything else that appealed to me. It appeared to be the best option in the moment.

Now, the movie started out with a wild or feral puppy getting caught by the authorities and being immediately euthanized. It's okay, you don't actually see it being euthanized. You just see them putting the puppy in the truck and the doors being closed and then things start to get interesting.

You see a kaleidoscope of colours and the voice of the puppy starts talking. It realizes things are weird and it doesn't quite understand what's happening and the next thing you know it comes to the understanding that it was born again as another puppy. So you get to figure out it's been put to sleep and is starting new life.

That's when it really caught my attention. This is cool! It's a movie about reincarnation for a dog. Now you're speaking my language...

So I continued to watch the movie and was now paying closer attention to it. This doggie soul seemed to have an issue. It was constantly talking about it's purpose for being born. Every time it was reborn the doggie soul was saying, "why am I here?" and "how can I help my human?".

So throughout the movie it tries to figure out why it was born into that life and what it was there to do. That kind of sounds like us humans doesn't it? I mean, how many of you are still trying to figure out your life purpose? It's a huge question or focus for many of you and I know that because over the years I've had many people ask for readings on that issue. Apparently, dogs have the same issue. Who knew?

So anyway, this dog goes through a variety of lives. In the 1950s it's born as that feral Beagle/German Shepherd/Terrier mix that is euthanized.

Then the dog's soul is reborn as a Golden Retriever puppy in 1961. It's interesting to note that in the movie the transition from one life to another seems immediate, but there is actually an 11 year break in Earth time for that particular life.

The dog's soul spends a very long life with one family in that incarnation as "Bailey". It's an important life in many ways for the movie. Bailey grows up with this young boy named Ethan who is around 10 years old. Ethan loves that dog and teaches him a few great tricks. Watch the movie to find out the details that really "make" the movie - no spoiler alerts here!

When Bailey passes, he is reborn as a female German Shepherd puppy that grows into a police dog named Ellie and that life takes place in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Once again, the dog's soul is trying to figure out why it's being born into that lifetime and what it's supposed to do.

What's also interesting about the movie is that as the puppy goes from lifetime to lifetime, it remembers every memory from previous lifetimes.

Now we as humans do not appear to have that experience. Oh, there are a select few that remember lifetimes. You might have been shown other lifetimes through past live regressions, guided meditations or visualizations, regular meditations or visualizations or you might have been told the details of a past life through a reading. You'll also see remnants of any other lives reflected in how you think and act - but you certainly don't go through your entire life remembering everything that happened in another lifetime.

I certainly understand why that happens though. I think it would make living life very challenging if you remembered that your father killed you in a previous life, that your sister sold you into slavery, or that your life partner died tragically leaving you at a young age with a broken heart. It would be too much to handle. It's can be hard enough to feel it on a spiritual level and to react to it without having the memories associated with that life. Anyway, back to the movie...

Reborn again in the mid-1980s as a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, Bailey forms a bond with college student named Maya who names him Tino. When Bailey passes away as Tino he reincarnates into his next dog life in the mid-to-late 2000s as Waffles, the St. Bernard/Australian Shepherd mix puppy.

Now the movie takes an interesting turn as Waffles is dumped in an abandoned lot because the husband of the woman who actually owned Waffles, hated dogs. So left on his own, Waffles sets off to find a new life or family.

This where the movie comes full circle. Waffles makes his way back to his "Bailey" owner who is now in his fifties.

Bailey/Waffles recognizes Ethan, although Ethan doesn't recognize that this is his dog Bailey. Ethan's life is very sad and he's very unhappy and Bailey helps to reunite him with an old girlfriend from high school.

He's also determined to help Ethan recognize that he is Bailey even though he doesn't look like Bailey. How does he do that? Well, watch the movie.

In the end, Bailey comes to the conclusion that life is about having fun, saving others, finding someone to be with, not getting upset over the past or the future, and living for today.

So all in all, it was a decent family movie about reincarnation and dogs. Of course, I liked it because of the incarnation aspect and I have to say it was entertaining.

It did make one think about animals being reborn and if they retain their memories. What do you think?

In fact, why don't you join my live show on Thursday September 10th at 11 am and share your thoughts. Drop by and share your story about your special connection with your pet! Go to the home page on Oralin.com to find out the details. Hope to see you there!

Blue Ribbon Title Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


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