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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Covid-19 Second Wave

September 30, 2020
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

So way back in April or May, my Spirit Guides came through and told me that there was going to be a second wave of Covid-19 and that I should slowly start stocking up on supplies. They suggested that over the next few upcoming months, I should pick up items I would need or want to have on hand so I didn't have to go out.

I asked them, "Why are you telling me this?" They had never told me things like this before. They responded by saying that I no longer needed to suffer. Apparently, I had done my suffering already. I had learned the lessons I needed to learn. I had resolved any karma necessary and I had experiences that caused suffering because I had to have those experiences for whatever reason. By knowing this information, I could get what I wanted or needed and just relax. I like the idea of no more suffering for sure.

So now I had a decision to make. My choices were to believe them and start stocking up or to ignore the message and just trust and have faith it would all work out fine.

Remember Lightworkers, just because someone in Spirit tells you something, you do not have to listen or follow what they say.

I also want to mention that a few months ago, Sumeet wrote to me and wanted to know if he should listen to what a voice in his head was telling him to do so the following information would apply to that question as well.

Before making the decision, you need to verify that the information is coming from a positive source and is a Spirit Guide, Spirit Teacher or Higher Level Being that you trust. That is MOST important. Just hearing a voice isn't good enough. Follow the instructions in the How to Communicate with Spirit eBook on making sure you are dealing with a positive entity. You don't want to be taking advice from a negative entity. Trust me, I've seen that happen before and it doesn't work out well.

Also, you need to keep in mind that when Spirit tells you something is going to happen "now", it might not actually be "now". It could be, but not necessarily. I have experienced many times where I was told something was happening "now", but soon discovered that was in another dimension and was not going to manifest in physical for quite some time. So remember that little bit of knowledge.

Of course, you also need to trust and follow your intuition. If intuition is telling you that something is not right - pay attention to that feeling. Your intuition should tell you whether it is "now" in this dimension or the now that plays out in the upcoming months.

The other thing I would suggest is that you think about how doing what they ask could affect your life or the lives of others. If doing what they suggest might affect your life negatively - then think twice and pay attention to your intuition even more.

So in this particular situation I did just that. I made sure I was speaking to a positive entity and that I was speaking to the Being of Light I thought I was hearing. So check that off as done. Yay!

Then I listened to my intuition. What they had told me did bring up a bit of fear related to a past life that I knew about and obviously had a bit more to resolve about that situation and I didn't want to be reacting out of fear so I switched into my logical mode.

Logically, there was no harm in picking up extras over the next few months because I would use what I picked up anyway. It wasn't like I would be getting things I would never use. However, if I didn't pick up a few extra items and the second wave did come I knew I would regret not listening.

It's true that I could look at it like "I should just have trust and faith that it will all turn out fine" line of thinking however, if these Beings of Light are from the Divine, they are also messengers of the Divine and in this case the Divine is helping me in that moment.

This is not a test of trust or faith. This is the Divine helping me without me even having to ask. My belief that I no longer have to suffer and life can and will be good is manifesting in that moment so why fight it? So I decided to stock up over the months.

As the months passed I would check in with my Guides every so often to ask if the second wave was still coming and if what they told me was accurate. Each time, they confirmed it was coming and that they told me the truth.

Now remember, for the last 30 years I've been told about many events that were going to happen "now" and they didn't happen "now". I assumed they were going to manifest right then and there, so it is challenging to just change what I had learned and to just take what I was being told at face value. The Guides understand what I have been trained to think by having those experiences so they are working with me to build a different type of trust or knowledge.

I believe it is better to verify what you are told and build your own proof rather then blindly accepting something - especially something that someone in Spirit tells you.

Living on faith is fine and is often a part of the path, but ignoring help from Spirit that is given and would make life easier or ease your suffering doesn't make sense.

The Divine does not want us to suffer, but many believe that they must suffer to show devotion. Some don't believe that but are suffering on their path because they resolving karma, learning lessons or are having an experience they have chosen as part of their path.

Just remember that if you are being handed something that can make life easier, that it is also given from the Divine and accept it. If you need to suffer - the path will provide that experience for you, but don't force it and choose to suffer. The Divine does not want that. The Divine is love energy and not suffering energy.

That being said, know that it is unusual or rare for Spirit to tell you what to do at all. It's your life and you're meant to make the choices for yourself. So if you find Spirit telling you what to do - make sure to evaluate what is being told to you carefully and especially make sure you are speaking to your Spirit Guide.

I'm very happy that I did because here we are in the second wave and the numbers are going to get higher I'm told.

Not only that, people are starting to hoard again. They didn't learn the first time it appears. Necessities are leaving the shelves. Instead of just continuing as we have been doing, fear has manifested. It was expected obviously and the Guides knew that.

When I was first given the message about stocking up I had asked if I should encourage people to stock up as well and they said that those that needed to know would feel it, but that I was free to share it. I did share it with a few people and did mention it in my shows. I'm guessing that if you were meant to pay attention to the message, your own Spirit Guide would have given you a bit of kick in the behind so you would take action.

When I shared this information with others, I also told them to trust what they felt. I told both of my sisters. Elaine - who is psychic (as many of you already know) and accepting of the psychic world and her husband who is also accepting of this stuff decided to heed the advice and slowly stocked up. I did warn her that the time line could be out and she should check with her own Guides as the message could be just for me for some reason, but she also believed that even if they picked up stuff - they would eventually use it and her Guide told her that it wouldn't hurt for her to do the same thing.

My other sister believed that there would be a second wave, but her husband is a total non-believer and repetitively said there wouldn't be any second wave. I know he also has negative entities attached to him and that they are influencing his life in many ways by making him angry, close-minded and generally negative in nature so I'm not sure how prepared they will be. However, they are adults and can make their own decisions and I respect that.

Also, at the end of March or beginning of April I was going out shopping and my Guides said, "After this shopping trip get ready to hunker down for the next month." Now at that point, I "felt" that this was not a "now" moment, but rather something that was going to manifest about 6 months down the road. That I figured out by researching it. Using that feeling that now was the 6 months down the road now meant that hunkering down would come in September/October and that fits in exactly with what is happening in this moment.

I did ask why I needed to hunker down and was told that people will start to panic and it was not going to be pleasant so better to stay out of that energy and I'm happy to do so. Also, I didn't have to suffer anymore and could just have what I needed and relax.

Now of course what I was told was going to be for my circumstances and for where I live. It might not be the same time line if you live somewhere else. That's why it is so important to develop your own abilities so you can communicate with your own Spirit Guides to get messages specific to you.

So now I get ready to hunker down for a while and I hope that means that I'll get a lot more work done!! LOL


Blue Ribbon Title Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


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