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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Negative Entity Attached to You? Get Rid of It Now!

September 16, 2020

Dear Lightworker,

Today I thought I would answer a question that was sent in by Lori. Lori happen to watch some of my YouTube videos. She wrote,

"I'm trying to figure out what is the reason for my visions while fully awake with eyes closed. Very vivid and full of more detail than I can see with my eyes open. They are of people and also demons. Here are some examples but they are not at brilliant as my images."

So Lori sent me some images that were similar to what she was seeing. Now, I wrote Lori back and asked her to give me a bit more information on when she was seeing these visions. She responded and said she was fully awake with her eyes closed.

This led me to a another question. I wanted to know whether she was meditating at the time or just relaxing. What exactly was her “state of Being” in that moment? Here was her response:

“I am usually relaxing or trying to sleep. The demon images appeared when I was really weak and ill laying down.
I also dream while awake and can describe to my husband what I’m dreaming. It’s completely different from daydreaming or imagination. It’s interesting but new. I’m 44 and have been experiencing this for only two to three years.
Just to add that these images fade in and become very clear for a few seconds and then fade out. They change each time from men, women, and beautiful tapestries. The demons change also but they came and went for an hour or so. It was so disturbing I didn’t want to close my eyes at all. I was really worried, why was this happening? It sounds so crazy.”

As I asked Lori more questions, I was able to get a clearer picture and confirmation of what is or was happening. What Lori shares about her experience - even a seemingly insignificant detail could make a difference to my knowing or understanding what is taking place.

The good news Lori, is that what's happening is a very real spiritual occurrence and it's not crazy at all. It might make you think or feel that way – but it is perfectly normal from a spiritual perspective.

If you have been listening to my podcasts, you might already know that it's normal to see visions just before falling asleep or upon awakening because you are in a deeper state of awareness - more of a meditative state. That's what's happening in this situation as well.

If you didn’t already know that, you can listen to the podcast at wendyswisdom.ca. Go to the archives for July 2019 and listen to the podcast: Episode 9 - Seeing Visions Before Going to Sleep.

There is also another podcast coming up on this in the next few weeks where we discussed this type of experience in a live show. So make sure to follow us so you get notified when that's online.

More and more people are going to find this happening to them because of the ascension energy or the change of the vibration of the planet/universe that has taken place since 2012.

This means people are able to "see" more than they used to "see" and by “seeing” I mean seeing visions, seeing in Spirit or seeing using their gift of clairvoyance. For a lot of people who already had a high spiritual vibration, it might have started to happen in the last 7 years or even a bit before.

For most of you, having the experience would have started or increased in frequency in the last 2 to 3 years. With the change in the universal spiritual vibration, it’s much easier for people to see the lower dimensions. Those dimensions include demons or people with lower level energy. Why is that?

Well, those energies are denser. They have a slower vibration so they're easier to see in Spirit. So as you are relaxing and getting into a deeper meditative state of mind, you start to see what is around you in Spirit or see the dimension that is around you. This happens naturally as you are falling asleep, waking up or meditating.

The demons or negative entities would be at a very dense or low level and easy to see. My guess Lori, is that your Spirit Guides had a hand in helping you to focus on them or see them so you knew they were around and could do something about it – like getting rid of them or going searching for answers so you could learn what was happening and what to do about it.

Some people who have just started to develop their communication skills with Spirit often confuse a negative entity with a Spirit Guide. The reason this happens is because the negative entity appears to them in physical. So they actually see an outline of a Being or "something" without even meditating or closing their eyes. They automatically assume it's a Spirit Guide just because they don't know any better. It actually happens quite a lot.

A negative entity can take on any appearance because it's made of energy. So if somebody sees a person that is presenting himself as quite handsome or showing herself as quite beautiful then it is very possible that a person will think that it's a Spirit Guide. It's a natural conclusion.

If you are communicating with those in Spirit or learning to meditate to communicate with Spirit always make sure to verify that you are dealing with a positive Spirit. If you don't know how to do this you can get the instructions on how that is done by purchasing my eBook, “How to Communicate with Those in Spirit” which is sold on my web site or on any major eBook site.

Now I want to go back to something that Lori wrote. She wrote that she could see the demons when she was weak. If Lori wasn't feeling that great, she might have been in a negative state of mind or feeling icky and that would have drawn the negative entities to her. They would have been feeding off of her negativity.

This happens when you are generating thoughts that then generate feelings of sadness, depression, hate, jealousy, anger, grief, suicide, fear – anything negative in nature. If you're having those types of thoughts, or feeling that way, it'll naturally attract negativity and that's something you definitely do NOT want to happen.

If you think you have a negative entity attached to you – please get rid of it as it will drain your energy, influence your thoughts and your life in general. It's more likely for you to have a negative entity draining you or influencing your life if you have been going through something in life that generates negative emotions such as a long term illness, a divorce or relationship breakup, financial difficulties, fears associated with the pandemic - anything at all that is going to generate a negative thought and emotion.

If you're interested in finding out more about negativity and getting rid of any attached entities, I suggest you listen to the first two podcasts that I did called, "Client Does Test to See If Negative Entity is Attached to Her" and "Try This Simple Test to See if a Negative Entity is Attached to You" or visit "Negative Entity Attached to You? Get Rid of It Now!" where you can purchase my course on how to get rid of a negative entity that has attached to you.

Make sure that you listen to the podcasts first. Don't just assume you have a negative entity attached to you.

Seeing a negative entity does not automatically mean that it's attached to you. It could simply mean that the negative entity is in the space around you and your loved ones such as your home or maybe in a workspace. Now if that happens to you, you want to make sure that you cleanse and protect those spaces.

Now let's go back to the issue of seeing visions…

It is quite normal for the visions to fade in and out quite fast. You can see anything. It can be something a Spirit Guide wants to show you, Beings that are in that dimension, places in that dimension, past life images, relatives that have passed over, something that's going to happen in the future – quite literally anything or anyone. It's going to depend on the dimension in which you are seeing.

The longer you can maintain that vision, the better the chance you have of seeing it develop into something more or getting more information on it. That's a skill to develop and a good way to do that is to learn to meditate as that will naturally raise your vibration and help you to maintain a deeper state of awareness.

In fact, Lori wrote back after I asked her to explain more about the dreaming while awake experience. She said,

“While dreaming awake, we are in bed and I’m usually very tired and about to fall asleep and my dreams are starting before I am fully unconscious. I have no control what is going on in the dream. Then I can tell my husband that it’s happening again and tell him what’s going on. Then I just go with it and fall sleep into the dream and it plays out.”

So Lori, it's evident that you are already at a fairly high spiritual vibration and you are naturally “seeing” different dimensions. What's happening with the dreaming while awake is that you're actually in a state where you are accessing your subconscious and going into a lucid dream.

If you wanted to, you could start to take control of that dream and learn a lot more about yourself and have some really interesting adventures.

So it's much easier now for people to have lucid dreams and to go into out-of-body states of Being – but that’s a topic for another day.

Lori - thanks for sending in the question and giving me permission to use your name and your emails. I hope this gives you a little bit more understanding into why you are experiencing what you're experiencing.


Blue Ribbon Title Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


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