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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
A Dog's Purpose

September 12, 2020
Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

If you've been hanging around the site - the Oralin site - over the last week, you'll have noticed a bit of a theme to some of the diary entries in that they had to do with animals. Not only that, there was a live show that also was about animals.

As part of my product offerings, I do horoscopes for people that are personalized just for them - not the general type of horoscopes and one of the horoscopes that came through for a client followed that theme as well.

Darlene is a monthly Patron, which I am very grateful for and not only that, she has been a client of mine for as far back as I can remember. Oralin has been online since 1997 - for over 20 years now and I think I've known Darlene for maybe 15 years? I can't remember exactly, it could be longer but it has been a long time. She has graciously allowed me to share the horoscope as well as her feedback.

So here's Darlene's horoscope ...

"Animals are going to settle before humans. The energy is going to hit them hard in the next few weeks so be aware of that as it can affect behavior. Your animals will be much happier once it is all finished. Expect some new and interesting interactions with them."

She received that horoscope on September 6th. On September 11th, Darlene sent me the following feedback...

"So, Itchbay ... the mighty hunter (calico barn cat) has disappeared??, Possum (cat) who always stayed at my side at barn will have nothing to do with me, ????? and Fluffy who liked no one is friendly??. Flower, home cat, seems to be going downhill daily?? Odie the paint seems to still be his loving self who just wants to "taste" me?? The mini horses are still rotten?????? The dogs ... haven't seen any changes really except Jack's (beagle) new medicine has him quite active. I will send a video of him if I can. He is a hoot. Hoping Harry (Pitt/terrier) will lose some anxiety..... Thought you might like to know when I see things happening that correlate with the messages????

So that was her feedback and she's quite right. I love to hear when the messages are manifesting. It certainly does sound like her animals are having a lot of energy changes taking place right now because they do seem to be acting a bit strange.

So the big question to ask yourself is... "Are my animals acting funny or unusual?" If you answer yes to that question, then it is probable that they are also going through energy changes.

Now I'm not talking about normal behaviours or things they typically do every so often. I'm talking about things that are not typical for them to be experiencing.

Apparently, the animals are going through an energy clearing as well. This means that any energy that they have been storing in their bodies that they no longer need can be released. This may result in changes in their behaviours.

It could be that animals that were not very happy may suddenly become happier because they are not carrying the old yucky influences. Some animals might find the process uncomfortable - I know humans do so it would be logical that animals would as well.

Once the process is over, it will be interesting to see animals change - if they do. To be honest, we really don't know how the changes are going to affect animals or people. We just know it's going to be a learning experience and that should be really exciting.

Over the next couple of weeks make sure to really pay close attention to the animals in your life to see if they are acting differently in some way. Quite often, we don't really pay attention or we automatically fluff things off as, "I don't know what's gotten into you today". So keep an eye on your pets to see if you notice the releases.

Also think back a bit. Over the last few months was there a time where you noticed your animals acting strangely? They might have already gone through the process. It could be that Darlene's animals are in sync with her energy releases so their changes are happening now, but if you have already gone through your changes then your animals might have also. Something to keep in mind.

I do want to add that I was speaking to another client and she had noticed some very strange behaviours with one of her horses, but that was about a month ago. So it sounds like the horse was going through changes then. So it doesn't have to be right now, in the moment. It could have been in the last few months.

Blue Ribbon Title Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


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