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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light

October 29, 2020
Image by V. Mehl from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

So I'm sitting at my desk working away and I hear a female yelling. I don't know where the voice coming from though. I thought it might be the lady who lives in the back unit of where I live as she has a young daughter and maybe she was yelling at her - which by the way, would be unusual. I don't think I've ever heard her yelling although I have heard the daughter being quite loud at times (laughing, screaming, being a kid...).

Then I wondered if it was coming from outside so I opened my window a bit to see if I could hear anything and guess what? I did. There was a young woman (maybe in her 30's) outside talking very loudly to the woman (probably in her late 50's or early 60's) who lives next door.

The young woman was chastising the older woman for not wanting to come out to do something and then she said very loudly, "You can't live that way.". Apparently, the young woman wanted the older woman to do something with her and because of covid - the older woman didn't want to participate. This led the younger woman to have a slight hissy fit.

Then I thought back to what a friend had told me when she recently came to visit. She had dropped off something at her daughter's home and her daughter wanted her to come in and visit for a bit. The daughter wanted to talk and for the grandchildren to have a visit with Grandma. My friend told her no because the daughter was "out" working as was her husband and she had several children in school and day care. By the way, a student in one of the grandchild's classes tested positive for covid.

Bottom line was that the daughter became angry at my friend for not coming in to visit. She didn't see it as an issue and compared her to others who would visit that were around the same age.

So here's the part where "spirituality" or life lessons comes into the picture.

One of the main life lesson's everyone learns at some point is having empathy. What does that mean? It simply means that you stop thinking of yourself for a moment. You stop thinking about what you want and start thinking of how the other person feels. You walk in that other person's shoes. You think about why the person is acting or responding as they are, and try to imagine how you would feel in the same circumstance.

It doesn't even have to be the same circumstance. It can be a more general situation. So in the above cases, you wouldn't necessarily think, "How would I feel if I was asked to go out or visit with someone in today's covid situation?" because if you are young and healthy, you might not "get it". You could however change it up and bit and ask yourself, "How would I feel if someone was trying to make me do something that I was afraid of doing and made fun of me for having that fear?"

Empathy allows you to better understand others, to learn to respect others and to accept others for who they are. It's not complicated, but many have difficulty with that concept. Many put their own needs, wants and desires first and don't think about the other person's feelings.

Every single person on the planet has a fear of some kind. It could be a phobia of some type like a fear of snakes or heights. It could be a fear of failure, of not being loved, of not being accepted. It could be a fear of disappointing others. It could be a fear of catching covid or falling and breaking a bone. It could be a fear of ghosts or curses (which by the way don't exist). Fears can be anything.

It's important when you are walking a spiritual path that you respect others for their fears even if it isn't a fear for you. If you don't, you might not like the results.

For example, when I was in my twenties, I went camping with my cousin. We did a lot of camping together. During our last outing, my cousin got frustrated because it started rain with lightening and thunder and I didn't want to stay outside. I had a fear of lightening and thunder. I had that fear all of my life. As I child, I would cry whenever there was a storm.

I wanted to go into the car which I saw as "safe". She wouldn't let me - she had the keys. She thought it was time I learned to face my fears. I was terrified, but I survived of course and it didn't help my fears at all. In fact, it just made me angry with my cousin for forcing me into a situation like that. She kept telling me that it would be good for me.

It rained all night. The next day we got up and were getting breakfast ready. Now the rain brought out all the insects that love the rain. There were earwigs everywhere. Now, as it happens, earwigs don't bother me. I don't want them crawling all over me, but they don't frighten me however, my cousin was very afraid of them.

The day before we had hung towels on a line to dry and they were out all night so now there were earwigs crawling all over them. My cousin kept asking me to get rid of them because she was afraid. Can you guess what I did? It's pretty obvious...

I turned to my cousin and told her that it was time she faced her fear, that she had to learn to deal with them, that it would be good for her and that I wasn't going to get rid of them for her. I told her that like I had to face my fears of lightening, she had to face her fears too. She was not impressed. Do unto others...I think that might be instant karma!

By the way, that was the last time I went camping with her. I would not put myself in that position again. I could no longer trust my cousin. I knew that at any time she could dismiss my feelings as unimportant and try to force me to do something I didn't want to do.

Do remember that there are going to be many things in life that are fears for others that are not fears for you. It's important to respect other people's fears. If and when they are meant to address them, they will and it is not your job to force it.

In this time of covid, it's very important to understand that many people are afraid of what is happening. Many have health issues or just don't want to take a chance on getting it. Making someone feel bad. laying guilt trips on them or trying to force them into doing what you want isn't going to help change the situation. In fact, it could work against you.

Respect the rights of others. Let your Divine Love shine through. You might get better results.

If you want to help a person who has fears or even suffers from anxiety, a good place to start is with an energy or aura cleansing and protection and a home energy cleansing and protection. This will help clear energy that is contributing to the fears. The more that a person experiences the fear, the more that energy builds and that intensifies the fear. While the cleansing and protection might not get rid of the fear, it could help alleviate it and help the person to see things more clearly or less fearfully. Click here to read more or order Distance Aura and/or Home Cleansing and Protection.

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