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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
What am I releasing?

October 22, 2020

Dear Lightworker,

I'm still recovering from the energy changes of this past weekend so I've been tired and emotional. I haven't been sleeping all that well, but that's just part of it all. It's a pain, but nothing horrendous.

I can certainly see the effects the releases have had on my life because of what I'm doing or not doing or how I'm thinking or not thinking. LOL

For example, this morning I was working on a word puzzle. I happen to love word puzzles. One of my favourite types of word puzzles is called Crypto-Families from Penny Press. I think I'm a bit obsessed with them. I've actually created one for you to do, which you'll see at the start of this entry.

Crypto-families are lists of related words that are encrypted with a letter substitution. All lists are usually related somehow to a theme. An example of a letter substitution encryption would be like this: The word BOOK could be encoded to XPPQ if B=X, O=P, and K=Q.

If you want to try the puzzle that I've created for you then you might want to print out this page as it would make things easier. To start you off, I'll give you a hint ... the letter W in the list is actually the letter L and the letter G in the list is actually the letter T. So anywhere you see a W, replace it with the letter L and anywhere you see the letter G, replace it with the letter T. This particular list relates to spiritual stuff (oh surprise, surprise). The answer to that puzzle is found on the bottom right-hand side of this page.

I always work on a puzzle for a few minutes each day. The list of words I was working on today was called "Muppets" so every word in the list had to do with the Muppets from Sesame Street. So I immediately started listing them off to see if any would fit into the list.

I thought of Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Bert, Ernie, Kermit and there was one more I was thinking of, but could not remember its name. Sesame Street was not something I grew up watching. I grew up with Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Dressup and The Friendly Giant. When Sesame Street started I was too old to care.

I have heard of it of course, but this is how tired I was ... I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "What's the name of that big yellow bird?" I can see it in my mind. The image is clear, but I can't remember its name. My thoughts are, "I can see it. It's a big yellow bird. Why can't I remember its name?" I actually got frustrated.

I continued to work on the puzzle and managed to fill in enough to get the answer "Big Bird". Then I burst out laughing as I realized that my thoughts WERE the answer. I kept saying, "What's the name of the big yellow bird?" If I'd had my wits about me, I might have realized that removing the word yellow would have given me the answer. It was then that I really "got" how tired I was.

There's one thing you need to understand. Spirit could have given me the answer. Spirit is always placing thoughts in your mind that you think are your own, but are not. Most people can't tell the difference between a Spirit Guide giving them a thought or not. You have to really be sensitive to the energy to know the difference because they do FEEL different. So if you compare your own thought to a thought given to you by Spirit, they feel different because the energy is different.

Sometimes it's really easy to notice when Spirit gives you a thought because you just KNOW it wasn't coming from you. It's either too weird, it could be something you didn't even know or your mind was clear when you heard it so you really notice that it wasn't your own thought.

So the point is that they could have given me "Big Bird", but they didn't. Now, they're under no obligation to give me that information. There are however, many times when they do give me answers. This was not one of them.

I have to thank them though because the realization of what happened made me laugh and let go a bit. I couldn't believe that I had the answer all along but didn't clue in.

Is there a spiritual reason for that happening? Maybe ... maybe not. It could have been a release because laughter is a form of releasing not only spiritually, but physically. You've probably heard the saying "laughter is the best medicine" so that could be it. The last few days were rather "heavy" days so perhaps it was meant to make things a little less serious.

It could also have been to show me just how tired I was and that I needed to rest. After all, it was pretty evident that I wasn't exactly thinking clearly. I wasn't exactly the smartest cookie in the jar.

Then again, it could have been that it just wasn't that significant and didn't matter or make a difference to my life path. Sometimes, we tend to read too much into things.

I'd like to think that it was more of a "lighten up Wendy and laugh" type of thing. LOL

So I hope you do take a few minutes to try my puzzle. Remember to pay attention to your thoughts. You never know, maybe one of your Spirit Guides will give you a hint!

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Answer to Puzzle

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