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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Surgery Blockages

October 13, 2020
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

UPDATE: After I posted this diary entry, my client contacted me and said she couldn't believe how much surgery could affect one's energy. She had her first energy blockage clearing and balancing session the night before so I asked if she noticed a difference in how she felt. She wrote back and said, "I feel more clear today in terms of mentality. I don't feel like I am going to fall asleep all the time:-)" That was after one session. The first session is normally most noticeable in terms of how one feels so her next 2 sessions should work on speeding up her recovery!

A client recently had some surgery and afterwards wasn't feeling very well. I guess that's no surprise. She asked if there was anything she could do to help her recovery process from a spiritual or energy perspective and I told her yes!

When any person or animal (any living thing) has surgery, the aura or spiritual body is damaged in different ways. First of all, there might be blockages created by the stress of the situation. So if a person worries about the surgery or is afraid of what might happen or has any emotions that are negative in nature about it, blockages can be created. They won't always be created, but they certainly can be.

This is more likely to happen if someone knows about the surgery or has been worrying about their situation for a while.

Remember, any blockages in any of the bodies will affect the natural flow of energy. I am just going to talk about the physical and spiritual or energy body.

Now surgery itself creates blockages. Anything that happens to the physical body happens to the spiritual or energy body first. So if a doctor cuts or penetrates your skin anywhere - that creates an energy blockage. For that area to heal, the spiritual or energy body must heal first and then the physical body heals. Healing the energy body does appear to speed up the healing of the physical body.

Healing the blockage in the energy body also tends to decrease pain in the physical body. So that is a benefit however, there can be increased pain when the energy is being fixed. I know that whenever I am healing a cut, bruise or burn for someone or even myself - when I am going through the process of healing the area, there is usually more pain for a short time. The benefit however is that there is less pain afterwards. For example, without the energy healing a burn might sting or be sensitive for days or longer, but with the energy healing that time period is shortened considerably and I've seen that over and over again.

Back to the surgery...

Normally, you are given medications and an anesthetic prior to the surgery. This is toxic to the body and creates blockages in the organs. It interferes with the normal flow of energy. So that is another area that can be worked on to help heal the body.

After the surgery you might be given more medicines and injections and/or you might be in pain which causes stress so that typically creates blockages as well.

So there are many ways blockages are created in the body when you have surgery. The number of blockages you'll get depends on the surgery and of course on your health prior to the surgery. If you had a lot of energy blockages in your body prior to the surgery, you'll just be adding to those.

Keep in mind that the surgery can be healing you and removing blockages (such as the removal of the gallbladder that is inflamed or infected) but there will still be blockages created by the surgery.

Will those blockages heal on their own? They should, but it depends on the state of body beforehand. If you had a lot of blockages in your body and create more of them through the surgery then those other blockages might be affecting the flow of energy needed to heal the surgery blockages. This can extend recovery time a little or a lot.

The bottom line is that if you have surgery, I suggest getting or doing an energy blockage clearing and balancing as that gives you the best opportunity to heal the fastest and to decrease any pain associated with the process quicker.

You can read more about energy blockage clearing and balancing by clicking here. This is the Focused Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing service I offer.

Energy blockage clearing and balancing can be used for any physical or emotional issue!


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