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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Q and A

November 5, 2020
Image by Jose R. Cabello from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

In today's diary entry, I'm actually going to answer or discuss questions that were sent in by S.K. about a metaphysical experience. If you have a question you want answered, scroll down to the bottom of this entry for how to do that. Here is the email...

Last Saturday afternoon when I was awake, I suddenly felt something jerked me and it felt like someone was going to die. I was hoping it wouldn't be my dad. I would normally tell someone about a bad dream if I don't want it to come true but I did not immediately tell anyone about this strange occurrence because it was not a dream.

Then Sunday morning I was woken up by something walking past me and it said "solz"... didn't know what it meant but I woke up. Told a friend about it and he said maybe that thing meant "souls".

Sunday afternoon I received news that my sister-in-law's dad had taken his own life and passed on.

I've never felt anything like this and I'm not sure if this short chain of events are related or just a coincidence.

The deceased was a nice but very quiet man. We were not close but I would like to pray for his soul. I just don't know how to do it. Do the dead have spirit guides?

So there are a number of questions to be answered or addressed in this email.

First of all, S.K. said that she would normally tell someone about a bad dream if she didn't want it to come true so let's chat a bit about that.

You need to understand that if you have a regular dream or a premonition type dream that you find scary or unpleasant in some way, telling someone about it won't prevent it from happening if it is something that is meant to happen.

More importantly, you need to remember that regular dreams are symbolic in nature. So if you have a dream of your dog being killed - the dream is NOT about your dog being killed. You would have to decipher the dream to get it's meaning.

Now I can see how if you didn't like the dream and you thought, "That's a horrible dream. I'll just keep it to myself and hope it won't happen" and then it doesn't happen, you could draw the conclusion that keeping the dream to yourself prevents it from happening. It would be logical. However, the dream is symbolic so it's not going to come true anyway. Those types of dreams are usually the subconscious working through issues in your life. Nothing to do with your dog at all.

In fact, I would think that it would be helpful to discuss the dream with someone so that you could try to decipher its meaning. Keeping it to yourself won't have any influence on the outcome. You can't control or prevent a dream event from happening or not happening by keeping it to yourself.

Learn to properly interpret your dreams and you'll gain a lot more insight into your dreams and into your life.

It's also important to remember that sometimes the most scary or awful dreams or nightmares are actually very positive in terms of what is means or how it might affect your life.

Now S.K. said this wasn't a dream so she wasn't worried about telling someone. So S.K., I tuned-in and was told that the events were not directly connected. The jerking was connected to the event in order to give you a "heads up" to something that was going to happen, but there wasn't anything you were supposed to do about it. It was more to tell you that this event was meant to happen or was going to happen. There wasn't anything anyone was supposed to do about it.

As for the event of hearing the word "solz" or "souls" and your sister-in-law's father taking his own life, I was told that the two events were not related. That was more about you being in a state of awareness where you could hear what was going on around you in Spirit - in that particular dimension.

So although you had a chain of events - they were not all connected.

Now, praying for someone's soul is very easy to do and can be done anywhere and anytime. Simply call upon the greatest power in the universe filled with light and love and then ask for what you want or say what you want to share. It is that simple.

So for example, if you wanted to pray for your sister-in-law's father, you could say something like this...

Dear God,

Please help "insert name of sister-in-law's father" to cross into the light with joy. Make sure he is surrounded by his Spirit Guides and all those who have passed on before him who love him so he is surrounded by love. Help him to let go of his pain and to cross over into the light to be healed.


You can use Dear God, Dear Universe, Goddess, Divine, Mother, Lord, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, Great Spirit - whatever you typically use as long as your intent behind it is that you are calling on the greatest energy in the universe filled with light and love. It should feel good to you. Do not use Spirit Guide though - you must access the Divine or the energy in charge of everything. Asking a Spirit Guide won't accomplish the same goal.

You can ask for whatever you want. The Divine is in control and will do what is meant for that person. Do remember that just because you ask for something, it doesn't mean it will be done, but it never hurts to ask.

Actually, I remember speaking with a friend who believes that prayers change the outcome of situations and I asked my Guides if that was true and was told that if a situation must play out in a certain way as defined in the person's life contract, prayers won't change it, but it can't hurt. The prayer might have some other positive effect even if it can't change the situation.

And finally, S.K. asked if the dead have Spirit Guides. What a great question!

I suppose the answer depends on how you define Spirit Guides. When someone in physical passes over to the Other Side, it is normal for Spirit Guides as well as friends or members of the that person's family to meet that person to make the transition easier. So at that point they definitely have access to their Spirit Guides.

So what happens once the person is on the Other Side and no longer in need of any Spirit Guides that would have been there for them as they lived their incarnation? I tuned-in and asked for the Being of Light that could give me the best answer to that question to come through to share some insight and here is what was said:

"The "dead" are not dead - they are more alive than you are at this moment. (The Guides is laughing.) They have access to whatever they need in order to be happy and filled with Divine Love. If they want to speak to an Angel, so be it.

If they want to speak with a Spiritual Teacher - someone from which they want to learn something - so be it.

If they want to chat with a friend because they want some advice - so be it.

If they need healing - so be it.

It is the same here in Spirit as it is for you on the Earthly plane, which means you just need to ask for help from the Divine and it will be given.

So in that sense, I suppose you always have a Spirit Guide as you call them. God is love and only wants the best for you so help is always available in whatever form necessary... a friendly ear, understanding of your own soul's life, wanting knowledge to advance as a soul, simply wanting someone to keep you company and have a good time - it is all available to you on this side without limits. Be well my young friend."

That was what came through so it appears the dead do have Spirit Guides in a way. It might be in a different way than what you perceive their role to be in this incarnation, but help and guidance is always there.

Now I added a question to gain a bit more insight. I asked if we are more controlled or limited in terms of what we can or can't do once we pass over since I know our lives are defined by our life contract while we are living this incarnation. I wondered if it was as defined for use when we passed over and here was the answer:

"You are free to pursue your life as you choose when in Spirit. There are no rules that you must follow. You will always live in the level of energy that your soul can handle and there will be those that will encourage you to move forward and advance to higher levels of energy, but the choice is yours. You may stay at your current level for eons if you wish for when you are ready to move forward, the option will still be there. We are part of "The One" and we are eternal love open to receiving all of those who desire to be part of "The One" in a different way from which they once were."

So S.K. I hope that I have given you enough information to help you on your path.

If anyone has a question you want to ask me, send it to wendy@wendyswisdom.ca and include the following information:
- your "real" First and Last Name
- your gender (I ask for this because people from all over the world have name's that are quite unfamiliar to me or are unisex and I'd like to address you properly. I can use your energy to identify your gender, but if you are a female with a masculine energy and I address you as "he" or are a male that has a feminine energy and address you as "she" - I might offend you and that is something I would not like to do)
- your Code Name that I can use for the live show if you don't want your real name used otherwise I'll use your real name
- your question(s) or issue

If you want to learn more about your life contract, you can listen to a podcast where life contracts are discussed by clicking here.

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