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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Empath Protection

November 28, 2020
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

So I was just surfing the Facebook groups to see what was happening. In one of the Empath groups someone brought up the issue of overeating. They had heard that if you are an Empath (which means you pick up the energy of those around you) you could overeat as a form of protection.

There were all kinds of responses of course. Many didn't know the answer. Some suggested it was a means of grounding. Some said it was a chakra blockage. Some didn't believe it at all. Some figured it was stress-related cortisol or some other physical issue affecting the body, but remember that all physical issues begin in the energy so while that might play a role - it begins in the energy.

If you are an Empath and have wondered how this ability has affected your life, then know that this is one way it can affect your life. It is true. You see, when you eat a lot, it lowers your spiritual vibration so you are less likely to pick up energy from others or at least you'll limit it a bit. So overeating or eating the wrong foods ends up as a method of protection. You are protecting yourself from picking up the energy/emotions from others.

This however, doesn't prevent you from picking up negative entities. In fact, it would have the opposite effect especially if you overeat and feel awful and start to generate negative thoughts. Generating negative thoughts actually generates negative emotions and energy. When that happens, you'll end up attracting negative Beings because they'll feed off the negativity. That isn't an issue if you don't generate negativity.

You might not realize what you are doing. You are probably just feeling stressed and thinking you are stress-eating and you might be. Many Empaths don't realize they are taking on the energy of others and if you are taking on negative energy from others - it can certainly make you feel stressed. When you take on the energy of others, it becomes your own and you apply that energy to your own life.

So if you pick up anger from someone who had a bad day, you'll take on that anger energy and apply it to your own life. You might not have been feeling any anger before taking it on and then suddenly, you get angry with the kids, your partner or yourself for something to which you wouldn't normally react. It's not a good way to live life. That's why it's so important to use personal energy protection.

Overeating slows down your empathic ability. It's similar to the rule of don't eat a lot before meditating because that also lowers the vibration and hampers a stronger connection with Spirit. That would make it a form of grounding, but it is not a good method to use if you are going to overeat or eat foods that are not healthy for your body.

Also keep in mind different foods have different spiritual vibrations. You always want to eat foods that resonate with your own spiritual vibration.

When I was in my early 30's I woke up one day and decided to become a vegetarian. It just happened. For two years I ate that way and during those 2 years I went out of body several times a week. I was learning a lesson and to learn it, I had to be out of body. So by not eating foods that weighed me down on a spiritual level I was able to leave my body much easier. When the lesson was learned I started eating meat again.

Remember that everyone on the planet is an Empath to some degree because of the ascension process. Many won't even realize what is happening, but I'm sure they will in time. Learn more about being an Empath by listening to the following podcasts:

As an Empath, it is very important to cleanse and protect your aura and home space. Any negative energy you pick up form others will affect your life and not in a good way. This is something that you need to do on a continuous and most likely daily basis. It is not something that is done only once. Your energy needs to be cleansed and protected daily if you are around others and your home needs to be cleansed and protect so you build and maintain the protection.

Distance Aura Cleansing and Protection. (Great if you don't know how to do it for yourself or don't want to do it for yourself.)

Distance Home Cleansing and Protection. (A MUST for Empaths! Also great to get if you don't know how to do it for yourself or don't want to do it yourself and it helps anyone living in the space!)

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