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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Spirit Protector

November 26, 2020
Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

I read a post in a Facebook group where Anna (not her real name) asked if it was a good idea to help another person resolve their karma. Anna wanted to speed up that person's healing process by revealing things that she knew about this person that would unravel that person's life and show them for the horrible person that they were.

Now. it wasn't clear if she was trying to change/help the horrible person or change/help someone that was associated with the horrible person.

If she was referring to the horrible person - I didn't quite see where Anna was helping out. It was quite evident that she was trying to hurt that person in some way, which is never a good idea from a spiritual point of view and probably from a physical point of view.

If she was trying to help someone that was associated with the horrible person it would make more sense. Of course, when it comes to Facebook, you never get the full story, but the bottom line is, she wanted to expose this person to speed up the healing process and resolve karma.

So let's pretend that Anna's intent was to actually help the person speed up things so that this person could heal in some way. Even with that being said, you can't speed up the rate at which someone resolves karma.

First of all, people only hear what they want to hear. They think what they want to think. The only time they don't is when a positive or negative entity talks to them and they hear it as a thought in their mind and don't realize it's not their own thought. By the way, that happens quite a lot.

Souls need to be at a level of understanding where they're able to accept what they hear so that a real change can truly take place. I've been doing readings for over 35 years and the one thing that I've noticed is that you can't rush the process. You can't force people to change.

I've done readings for people where I've given them what they need to know to resolve karma, learn a life lesson or change their life for the better and they still don't "hear" it. They come back to me with the same issue time and time again and are told the same information from their Spirit Guides, but still don't truly incorporate the information into their souls so change - actual change - can't happen.

At the time of the reading they often say, "Yes, I get it" or "Oh, I understand now" but nothing changes. They continue with their old behaviour. They still act in the same way and don't make any changes so of course everything remains the same. This can go on for years and years and even lifetimes if the soul is not ready to change.

It happens with friends or relatives as well. You might know that type of person. They constantly complain about something, but don't change in any way even though they've been given many suggestions for improving their situation.

They aren't ready, willing or able to understand what's being said. They aren't ready to accept it for whatever reason. Yes, it's true that they hear or can read what is being shared, but they don't actually "feel it". It doesn't become "a truth" or a part of their energy. Maybe that's a better way of putting it. When someone actually does change, their energy reflects that change. The new way of "Being" becomes a part of them. It changes their belief system in some way. That one change can affect many aspects of life.

I don't think anyone is immune to that. I've lived it myself. There are many times I've been told things by my Spirit Guides and I say, "Yeah, yeah, I get it" but don't actually change. I "know" it, but am not living it. As one Spirit Teacher once said to me, "It's one thing to know the path and another to walk it." I'll bet our Guides spend a lot of time rolling their eyes at us. Imagine the amount of patience they have to have.

I'm sure you've had the experience where someone tells you to change in some way. Do you automatically change? I know I don't. First of all, I might dismiss what they suggest without giving it a second thought. If I gave it a second thought, I'd then have to evaluate what the person said to see if I agree with it or not or how much of it is actually true. I'd need to feel if it is right for me and even if they are right, I'd have to be willing to make a change and be ready for the change.

Nobody can force you to change. Have you ever been in a relationship or situation that you knew wasn't good for you? You constantly experience many negative thoughts and emotions such as sadness, anger, hatred, self-loathing, unhappiness, resentment to name a few and they all create stress in your life. It could even be making you feel ill. Most of us have been there.

Other people can tell you what to do. Others are great at giving advice about what they would do such as ... leave that jerk, quit your job, walk away because it's not worth the aggravation, stop helping that ungrateful person, stop lending that person money, stop hanging around with that person, stop trying to control the situation, don't be so mean, don't be so greedy and so on. It's easy for others to tell you what to do.

I've even had friends tell me horrible things about someone else I knew - so my friends were exposing what they perceived to be a horrible person - but I didn't agree. What they thought should bring change to my life didn't because I didn't agree or see the issue. I wasn't ready, willing or able to change things.

If you have karma or are learning a lesson - change takes time. It only happens when you have truly learned or resolved whatever it is you need to learn or do.

You have to be ready to make that change in your life. It could be a matter of overcoming fears. It could be a matter of learning to love yourself more first. It could be that you are paying back karma and must be in that situation or relationship.

I remember asking my Guides about a friend who continuously chose abusive men - physically abusive men. It was so frustrating for me. I asked them what I could do to help her change so she would stop choosing such men and the answer was... "Nothing, she's doing what she needs to do."

It's not for me or you to judge what is right for that person's path. Remember, that person is living his or her life based on their life contract. Just because I think it should be a certain way - even if I think the other person is horrible - doesn't mean I'm right in saying he or she should change or I should be a part of that change. They might be acting horrible for some reason that is part of their life contract.

Not only that, just because I think it's horrible - doesn't mean it is in the eyes of the Divine. There's that judge not lest ye be judged stuff kicking in. It's not for me or you to judge. We can only lead by example and choose to be or not be around that person.

So you can't speed up any process. When the time is right based on one's life contract, and when the person has grown enough as a soul to understand what they are doing and what they need to change in their life - that's when it changes.

It also works the other way around. If you are the horrible person doing awful things to others - you have to be ready to change as well. You have to be willing to see yourself in a different way. You might have to let go of past hurts or have realizations that allow you to change.

The worst part about trying to expose someone who is horrible so that it changes people's lives is that you could actually create karma between you and that person. So if you say things to try to "help" the person realize they should change by making their life worse, then that person could end up hating you and carrying a grudge towards you. That attitude then creates karma between that soul and you. Then you'll have to come back to resolve it. So don't forget to take that aspect into consideration. It's not worth it and it's not beneficial.

It is not up to you to play God. The Divine is perfectly capable of ensuring that each person learns what they need to learn in the time that they're meant to learn it. If you interfere with that process because you are trying to speed it up, it could really backfire on you. When something is done with such negative intentions, the end result isn't usually positive for the souls involved. Keep that in mind if you are trying to control another person's life.

It's also very possible that the issue isn't about helping someone to heal faster. Perhaps Anna is learning not to interfere in other people's lives. So there's a lot to consider.

If you think a person is indeed horrible (and remember that's often subjective in nature), it's probably a good idea to distance yourself from them as much as possible. Leave it in the hands of a Higher Power Filled with Light and Love.

And don't forget that someone who is hurting others is usually very unhappy and will almost certainly have negative entities attached to them and you don't want them attaching to you. The less contact with that person and the less influence that person has on your life, the better!

Now please remember that in this case, we are talking about adults - adults that are fully functioning and consenting. If we're dealing with children or those who don't have the mental capacity to truly grasp the situation, this answer might be a bit different. But when we're talking about an adult who is fully functioning and can make their own decisions, this most likely applies. If you have a friend that is being hurt by what you consider to be a horrible person, give it to a Higher Power.

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