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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Spirit Protector

November 17, 2020
Image by Ria Sopala from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

Some of you might already be familiar with my podcast (or story) from October 2019 called "Wendy's Graveyard Experience - Part 1" and "Wendy's Graveyard Experience - Part 2".

In that episode, I share my encounter with a gentleman who passed over a very long time ago. This gentleman decided to take on the role of Spirit Protector and was guarding a cemetery that I frequently visited. He made sure that anyone who visited had pure intentions.

If he perceived the visitor(s) as a threat in some way, he made sure they felt uncomfortable enough that they decided to leave. I'm guessing that they probably felt the place was spooky or creepy and left. LOL It most likely included teenagers who thought that they were going to go there to park, hang out and maybe drink or smoke up.

Now,if you haven't already listened to those shows, you might want to do that now because then you'll better understand what I'm writing today. You can click on the following links to listen (and make sure to follow the show where you are there):

Wendy's Graveyard Encounter - Part 1


Wendy's Graveyard Encounter - Part 2

or you go to Wendy's Wisdom for Living in the Light and do a search on the word "graveyard" in the search box on the right hand side of the page. Don't use the search box at the top of the page because that is a search box for all of Podbean and not for the wendyswisdom.ca site.

Now in those episodes, I end up convincing this gentleman to go to the Other Side. This was actually done over a period of a couple of a few days as we had more than one encounter.

So if you're looking at this from a spiritual point of view, he was actually an Earthbound Entity. What's an Earthbound Entity? Glad you asked. An Earthbound Entity is a person who dies and who chooses not to go to the Other Side or not to go into the light for whatever reason. They stay in Spirit, but at a very low level of Spirit.

So this gentleman decided to take up the role of "Protector" for this lovely cemetery. He was obviously doing a wonderful job of it because it was a very peaceful place.

Now, after he chose to pass into the light, I had gone back to the cemetery a few times and whenever I went there, I would check to see if he was back. I immediately discovered that there was another Protector that had been assigned to the place and he informed me that the gentleman had not yet returned and was still in Spirit. I took this as a good sign.

One of the last times I was there, which was probably before cov-id started, I was told that the gentleman had decided not to come back to the graveyard as a Protector. That actually surprised me because I thought he really had a connection to the place.

Last week on November 11th, I decided to visit the cemetery again. It was really cold, but a beautiful day and I thought I'd grab breakfast and eat at a spot that is next to the lake, but in the cemetery.

When I drove into the cemetery, almost immediately I got these pleasant chills so I knew that there was a Spirit around me. I could feel it and I sensed it was not negative in nature, but I thought it had more to do with the fact that it was Remembrance Day.

I figured there were a lot of Spirits around giving thanks to those who fought and/or sacrificed their lives in the War. It was also possible I was picking up the feelings of those in physical that were thinking the same thing. I was wrong on both assumptions, which just goes to prove - never assume.

Before I even had time to figure out whether I was going to try and speak to this Spirit, someone said, "Hi Wendy". That totally surprised me. The energy of the Being felt very happy and it was obvious the entity knew me.

Now the only person I knew from the cemetery was the gentleman Protector. I wondered if he had come back. I was trying to think of his name so I could address him and of course he could hear my thoughts so without me even asking he answered, "Philip". So then I thought to myself, "Was that his name? I thought his name was Edward."

Then I heard him laugh and he said, "You can call me Philip". Okay, Philip it is. It did sound familiar, but I still wasn't sure if that was the name I was given when we first met.

Now, at this point I should mention that one day - probably about 6 months ago - I was trying to remember the name of this guy because I was just wondering what happened to him. At that time, I couldn't remember his name. I actually had to go into the podcast show to find out what it was. Of course, so much time had passed that I'd forgotten it again. LOL

So I accepted that he just wanted to be called Philip and we started to chat.

The first thing he did was thank me for helping him to cross over. He didn't need to do that. I don't expect thanks from those I help to cross over and besides he'd actually done that before not long after he did cross over.

Then I asked him what he was doing in the cemetery because the last time I was there I was told he had chosen to not return. He then shared with me more of his adventure on the Other Side.

He said that when he went to the Other Side, he spent some time with family and friends that had passed on. Then he was trained to be an official Protector. He said that he learned so many things and made so many friends. He just loved it.

At the end of his training, he was given the choice of either returning to the cemetery to take up the role of Protector again or, he could further his training and go to various places and be in different situations to increase his skills and knowledge.

He was very clear that he was never forced to do anything he didn't want to do. Everything was always a choice and there was no pressure. So he didn't have to continue training or even be a Protector.

He chose to learn more and increase his skills so I'm guessing that was when I was told by the other Protector that Philip had chosen not to return to the cemetery.

He said that had such a great time and had learned so much since going into the light. He was put in all different types of situations where he could put his training into good use. Finally, he decided to come back to the cemetery, which is why I encountered him once again.

I have to say that his energy this time was completely different from the first time I met him. He was filled with life and joy. When I met him the first time, he seemed much more angry, strict and even unhappy. It was truly a pleasure to feel the change in him and to see he was so happy now.

I asked him if he liked his role of Protector in the cemetery now that he was trained for it and he said that he loved it. He also said that being trained and going to the Other Side made his job so much better because now he could take breaks or vacations from what he was doing if he wanted to and he said that he often had friends visit him so it was much more pleasant.

So he was no longer lonely and it sounded like he was truly fulfilled. I did ask him if he would be coming back into physical and his response was, "There's so much work to do here now and it's getting busier every day. I'm needed here. If I need to go elsewhere to help out, I will. I'll go where I'm needed. I'm sure I'll incarnate again one day, but for now I belong here." He was obviously truly dedicated to his job.

It was a wonderful visit with him and now I understand why I was told he had chosen not to return to the cemetery. It made much more sense to me that he didn't come back because he wanted more training.

The other thing I should mention is that it's very unusual for Protectors to enter into discussions with those in physical, but I'm thinking we were more like friends and it wasn't just a case of a Psychic trying to see who was in the cemetery in Spirit. With his training, he'd be focused on doing his job and it would probably be unlikely that he'd be chatting with someone he didn't know.

By the way, when I got home I went back to the podcast to check his name because I still wasn't convinced I'd heard him correctly. The name he had given me years ago was "Philip Edward". So I guess I got the Edward right and I heard him correctly when he said to call him Philip.

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