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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Eating Healthy in the Ascension Energy - Empaths, Ascension and Psychic Stuff

January 7, 2021
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Dear Lightworker,

So the other day I was watching The Shopping Channel, which is a channel in Canada where you can buy products. They have many products that are not available in stores and they often have special pricing and deals - better than what you find online or in the stores.

One of the products they offer is from a Canadian company called Vitatree. That company specializes in supplements. I actually do take some of their supplements because they are whole food supplements and not synthetic.

Taking supplements isn't new for me, but focusing on them being whole food is a more recent change. Spirit didn't recommend whole food supplements before, but it appears that since the ascension energy has settled, the whole food supplements are more beneficial for my body and work better with my energy and are being recommended.

Now does that mean that whole food supplements would be beneficial for you? I don't know, but as I'm writing this, Spirit is coming through and telling me that it depends on a person's spiritual vibration. The higher the vibration, the better whole food supplements work. If a person has a fairly low vibration, it's not so important.

So I suppose you could try both and see what gives you better results or if you speak to your Spirit Guide or Beings of Light, you could ask them directly. Of course, don't forget to say your prayer and ask that the Being of Light that comes forward or wants to communicate with you is the one that can give you the best answer for you.

What was interesting was that I had tried probiotics from Vitatree several years ago and didn't think it worked with my body. I didn't really notice any changes in how I felt at all, but I tried it again last year when the energy was much more settled - but not finished settling - and I noticed an immediate difference. 

Now here's a little bit of a back story. About 13 years ago in 2007, I was told that I would be taking various supplements to get my body strong and that "she was making them" for those with a higher vibration even though she didn't know that was the reason for her making them in the first place. When I was given that message through message-giving I didn't know who "she" was, but now I do. "She" is Dr. Janine Bowring ND who started the company Vitatree. 

By the way, for those who don't know what message-giving is ... it is a type of reading I do where I simply sit back and ask for messages from Spirit after doing a proper prayer of course. I then write down whatever I get.

The information isn't specific to a question and whatever comes through can be for any time in a person's life and can relate to any aspect of life. It's a case of "let Spirit share what Spirit wants to share" so it can be encouragement, messages about the future, messages about any aspect of life, a channeled message, bits about a past life ... literally anything Spirit wants to share with you. If you are interested in that type of reading, you can order it here or by going to the Predictions and Messages category in the Oralin Store or searching for 3 Messages.

Now back to the supplements...

What's important to know is that it was the fact that the supplements were whole food that was the significant part of the message from Spirit. Whether Vitatree makes them or not isn't really significant.

I believe that the Spirit Guides gave me that message specifically using "she" in it because every time I was taking supplements, I kept thinking about that message and wondering "who is this person?" and I was finally able to put the pieces together when I could relate it to Vitatree.

And I did ask my Spirit Guides, "Does it have to be Vitatree supplements?" and I was told, "No". The supplements just needed to be of good quality and as pure as can be. Her supplements happen to be very expensive - there's no doubt about that. She obviously caters to those who have money.

For example, she sells magnesium on sale at The Shopping Channel for $54.00 for a 2 month supply so you get 2 bottles of 60 capsules each. That doesn't include shipping. So it's about $65 for 2 months.

Now, I can get the exact same product from Amazon and I mean the exact same ingredients for $40.00 without having to pay for shipping. I get 2 bottles with 90 capsules each so they would actually last me for 3 months. 

I really don't know how she can justify her prices, but she is good salesperson and markets her products well. 

Of course, there are other companies that make whole food supplements. Since I am not rich, I try to find the lowest price product with the best ingredients and I also check with Spirit to make sure it is going to be beneficial for me.

I also use supplements from a company called Naturelo. I get my Vitamin D, Vitamin C and my One-A-Day from them and they are all whole food supplements. Even with the US exchange rate, it's still cheaper than Vitatree.

So it pays to looks around if you are money conscious. 

Anyway, after spewing all that ... I have to say that's not why I'm writing this entry. That's just a bit of background. 

As I said, I was watching Dr. Janine on TV and she mentioned how her appearance has changed drastically over the last while. She attributes it to some things she has learned - so changes to what she is eating and her supplements of course. 

What she does not realize is that she lives properly for the ascension energy. Apparently, she is fairly careful about what she eats and all of the supplements she takes are whole food. So now that the energy has settled, her body is responding extremely well because of how she lives. She looked okay before but now she really does seem to glow and has changed in appearance - it's that obvious. 

Now that's what's really important. It is possible for any of you to also get the same results. You can also glow if you eat for your spiritual body and nourish your body with what it needs to thrive. If you keep eating foods your body doesn't like or if you aren't' giving it what it needs, you're going to know very quickly.

Remember in the old energy, it didn't matter quite so much what you were eating. It was your thoughts that played the major role in how your body was going to react to the food you were eating. In this energy, it's different. They play an equal role. It's just as important for you to eat well for your body as it is for you to think positive thoughts.

I've been told for years that my body was going to change dramatically once the energy settled so it's going to be interesting to see how things change for me.

I do have to admit that since December 21st - the day the energy settled, I do feel different. Day by day I'm feeling a bit stronger. I'm more aware of what I'm eating and noticing how my body is reacting to what I eat. I crave foods that are probably better for me. I'm losing weight slowly and I've started to exercise slowly.

It has to be done slowly because if you overdo it you'll end up sending too much energy thorough your body which causes inflammation and your have to give your body time to adjust to the energy. However, if you should get to the point where you can exercise as much as you can without having any inflammation, it means your body is used to the energy flow and you're kind of good to go. I was told it would take about 4 months for my body to adjust to this energy so I'm hoping that by the Spring things are a lot different and I hope that you are noticing positive changes as well.

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