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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light

Dear Lightworker,

So this past Sunday we did another "Live" show on Podbean. It was more of a review about living in Phase 1 of the ascension energy, which includes what you might have experienced in the last 8 years or so.

We did another show a few weeks ago where we just went over the basics of Phase 1. In fact, the first 2 parts of that show are already online and the third part is going to be online on in the next two or three days. You can listen to any of the shows by going to wendyswisdom.ca or you can go to the home page and listen to any of the last 100 shows by accessing the player.

In this past show we went into more depth about how and why negativity has increased in the spiritual realm and how our lives are changing or will be changing.

In two weeks - that's Sunday January 31st, we're going to be doing the final show of this "series" where we're going to talk more in depth about changes that you can expect to see in your life and the lives of those around you during this part or phase of the ascension process.

That's going to complete the series "Summary of the Ascension Process to Date" or at least that's what I'm calling it.

The one thing I'm noticing when visiting various groups on Facebook and from comments I hear from other people is that people don't seem to understand that the ascension energy is really not the same energy as we have been living in prior to 2013.

I think it's going to be slow and painful process for many people because they're still holding onto the old ways of thinking and living.

Those who are used to following their intuition and those who have a strong personal connection to the Divine, and by that I mean that they are speaking to Beings of Light that come from the Divine Source of Love and they have conversations - back and forth conversations with them - those people should fair better then those who are not communicating in that way.

Those who rely on others to get their information by reading posts in groups or reading articles without knowing whether the source is accurate or not probably won't fair all that well either. It's going to be a learning curve for sure.

If you are going to be taking any kind of information from any of the Facebook groups or any of the groups that are out there - even from books that you're reading, please ... please make sure that they do know what they're talking about and test - research and test what is being said to you.

So if you start to practice something that they're recommending, check first to make sure that it is actually doing what it is meant to do.

So for example, if you're reading something from someone who is saying, "Surround yourself in white light", you know ... you know their information isn't accurate. They are not checking with their Spirit Guides and Teachers. They are probably just doing something they read somewhere and have adopted that practice and really don't understand what they're doing.

Those people who are actually communicating with the Divine and their Spirit Guides are going to be told or shown that they are not supposed to be using the white light. They're going to shown that they should be using the gold light if they are walking in Divine Love. Please keep that in mind. It is so important.

It's one of the reasons that I suggest people learn to communicate with their personal Spirit Guides and Teachers. It does make life so much easier even when you are going through the challenges of resolving karma, learning a life lesson or just going through a difficult experience.

This is definitely a "time will tell" scenario for sure. Too many people continue to do what they used to do and they're not changing with the times.

Now that's quite normal as well. It's hard to change when you don't know what to do and it's also hard to change when you refuse to let go of something because it's comfortable or it's what you've always done. Changing your beliefs can be very difficult.

That's one good thing about the live shows. I get to hear how people are living, what issues they might be having and what they do or don't understand about walking this new path in the ascension energy. That helps me to know what kind of guided meditations or courses to create.

This past Sunday we had a lot of great conversation during the show. I do wish people would call in and speak instead of doing it all in chat. You just don't get the same details or voice inflection when you're typing in the chat room. Now don't get me wrong, I'd rather have you type in the chat room than not participate at all, but speaking gives it all a more personal touch.

People can connect better to what you're sharing and to be honest, it gives people a chance to hear someone else besides me speak. I'm hoping, really hoping that changes over time and more people choose to call in to share what they want to say. It gives me an opportunity to ask them further questions, to get more information and it will improve everybody's listening experience.

If you're worried about somebody knowing who you are when you call into the show ... well, first of all I highly doubt anybody you know is going to be coming in and listening to the show because it's not going to be something that they're probably interested in. Even so I would suggest that if you want to call in say, "I'd like to call in" in the chat room say, "I'd like to call in, please keep it Anonymous." That way when I answer the call I will say, "We have a caller who prefers to remain anonymous and then we can talk. It'll make the whole thing a lot easier. Give it a try. Let's see how it goes. I think people are really going to enjoy listening to other people speaking.

Now in the next few days, I'll be focusing on doing a "quick" edit on the show so it can be posted in the Monthly Patron area. Remember, Monthly Patron's can listen to all live shows in full unedited at any time. So if you miss the live show, you'll always have a way to hear what was being shared.

I'm starting to feel that I should start the meditation group I spoke about last year. These will be done on Sunday morning at 10 am EST as I'm finding that to be a really good time for most - even those who are in different time zones.

There's actually going to be two groups. I'll be doing where there's going to be a group guided meditation and a bit of a discussion and that's going to be appropriate for anyone. That's a great way for those who have never meditated before to start.

I'll also be doing what I consider to be a more advanced group and that's by invitation only and it will also be held on a Sunday at 10 am EST.

So my goal of doing a live Podbean show every two weeks is going to have to change. I think more people are going to benefit from classes or meditation groups. We'll see.

If you want to know when any of the classes or meditation groups are going to be, make sure to follow the shows on Podbean, or join our Empaths and Ascension group on Facebook, or follow and like the Oralin Facebook page, or go to oralin.com and sign up on the mail list.

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