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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Happy New Year Channeled Message

December 31, 2020
Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

A very happy new year to you. I'm sure we are all looking forward to waving good-bye to 2020 - I know I am, and of course hoping that 2021 brings much needed change and health for all. I thought we absolutely must have a channelled message to welcome in the new year so I've asked for a Being of Light to come forward to share with us whatever we need to know about the upcoming year or whatever that Being wants to share with us as we move into 2021.

So an elderly looking Spirit Teacher has stepped forward. He has very long white hair and a white beard and moustache. He has on gold robes and gold sandals. He had very kind eyes that are a piercing blue. He is not giving me his name. He says it's not necessary. However, I did confirm that he was and is from the light and positive in nature.

Remember that you always want to check and make sure that whomever you're speaking to in spirit and it doesn't matter if you think you know who it is, make sure that they are positive. And now for the message…

"This past year has been rather a challenge for almost everyone for various reasons. Some of you were transitioning to a new level of energy and that was a challenge for it included so much change and so much releasing.

Some of you did not go through a transition in terms of changing energy levels, but you felt the effects or pressures associated with this ascension energy as it is being called by many.

Some of you did not feel either, but lived in fear of the pandemic that plagues your planet.

Some of you did not notice any changes and lived life as normal for you. For most, it was a year to remember and one that will not be forgotten.

So now you are in a new year. For many, it represents a time of changes both personally, professionally and spiritually.

You can expect much of the same for part of the year - the early part for there are still many energy changes taking place. As we move into the latter part of the year, you'll see many other changes start to happen.

This ascension energy is a fierce, loving and healing energy. It does not take complacency lightly. It forces healing and change. There is no getting around it for it is out of the control of those in Spirit. We only learn to work with it and help those who are suffering or dealing with it in the physical realm to make changes as quickly as possible.

All of you can expect to see changes happening in your life rather quickly. Things that might have taken years and years to manifest will now manifest in months. Things that took months to manifest will take weeks or even days to manifest.

If you have something that must manifest on your path - it will happen quickly however, know that you cannot make something manifest for you that is not meant for your path - that has not changed. Expect to focus on your health from this point forward. Your thoughts influence you more than ever. What you eat influences your body more than ever. You will learn, but the path for many will not be easy. In fact, those who abuse their bodies may find themselves back in Spirit quicker than ever so as you see what you call deaths increasing for younger people, know this is part of the reason.

The earth is going to continue to cleanse itself and you'll see evidence of that as we progress into the new year. Gaia has been given free reign to do what she must do to fix the energies of the planet and to heal.

People can certainly help the process by changing however, Gaia will be doing a lot of what you will perceive as damage, which is in actuality cleansing and healing. There will be much loss during those times, but it is all healing.

As for the pandemic, it will play out as it needs to but do not live in fear of it for it is now being very controlled by Spirit - much more so than before.

It was given free-reign to do what was necessary, but now that reason is done so those in Spirit can interfere more. Stay healthy and positive and you will help to end it. It has a course to run and will be finished when that course is complete. It was very beneficial although many will not see It that way. Spend more time in meditation and breathing in Divine Love - that will be most helpful and healing to you. Spending at least 20 minutes - your time - to 1 hour a day is very beneficial for the body, mind and spirit.

Allow that Divine Love to permeate throughout your life in many ways. Live it. You do not need to force it on others for they can choose their own path.

Live so that you are a shiny example to others and by shiny I mean shine with positive energy and loving energy. That is what the ascension energy loves and if you live that way, you'll see your life change for the better.

Go forward into the New Year which is a year of healing for you - for each and every person on the planet. It is a year of becoming strong in beliefs and allowing yourself to change so that you work with the ascension energy.

Understand that how you lived before will most likely not work for you in the same way and you'll have to make changes. The changes will only benefit you and make life happier.

If you are not becoming happier or seeing results from your practices, review them and make sure you are dealing with issues that present themselves to you in a timely manner. Do not push away that which you do not wish to deal with right now. If it presents itself to you, you are meant to deal with it in some way. Remember that change is good.

Now that was all that came through and I just want to point out when he was talking about the time, we all understand I think that there is no concept of time in spirit. So during the channeled message, I asked specifically for a time in "Earth time" so that we had something to gauge our practices by so that's where the 20 minutes to 1 hour came in - just so you understand.

So it looks like it's just going to be a year of healing for most of us and obviously most important to start paying attention to our bodies and even our spiritual practices.

I know things have been changing for a while now so I'm hoping to see a lot of positive changes take place in your life and in my life and everybody's life so that we can start to really enjoy our lives once again.

I think it's really important to remember what he said about if something presents itself to you that needs attention that you need to actually pay attention and do something about it. In the old energy for example if you had a problem with someone where there was maybe an argument you could try and push it off or ignore it.

In this energy you can't do the same thing. The energy is going to try to make you resolve that issue in whatever way is proper I guess for you so if you are meant to confront a person it's going to force you to confront a person. If you're meant to walk away from a person, it's going to force you to walk away.

If you're meant to change something about yourself, it's going to force you to change something about yourself. So it looks like this energy is going to force action, change or whatever is necessary for you and that's going to be unique to you and of course unique for each person. Sounds like a really fun energy (sarcasm).

So for me the message was not surprising and he didn't really say that things were going to get a lot worse but then again Spirit typically doesn't come through and tell you if things are going to get worse because we wouldn't be able to handle it so they're always going to give you some kind of a positive turn on whatever it is they're sharing with you.

So remember to practice breathing in Divine love every single day from this point forward for at least 20 minutes to an hour. That seems to be the most important thing at this time - breathing in that Divine love.

Now I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's and some of you may be listening to this and it's not even New Year's yet but I have a lot of clients who are on the other side of the world and they are already in 2021 so I hope whatever you do on New Year's whether you've done it or it's about to be done… I hope that you enjoyed it in some way.

Maybe you spent it alone reflecting upon the year. Maybe you just went to sleep early hoping that 2020 was gone. Maybe you spent it with some friends and family.

I hope you were practicing what's recommended at this time in terms of social distancing so that you would limit exposure of the virus to those who might not be handling it well and who could get very sick and even possibly die from it. So it may not be about you it might be about somebody else.

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