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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Phase 2 of the Ascension Process? - Diary Entry for December 22, 2020 - Psychic Development and Spiritual Understanding

December 22, 2020
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

So the great conjunction has come and gone. Today is December 22, 2020. Is that a significant day from a spiritual perspective? Well, it is in the sense that we are all now in Phase 2 Healing of the ascension process.

I for one, have been waiting for this moment for a very long time - at least 15 years. Now if you don't understand what I'm talking about, let me take a few minutes to explain it further...

On December 21, 2012 the energy in our universe changed. It was upgraded to a new level or vibration. Now let me correct myself. That change had been slowly happening universally for many years, but on that day the energy started to settled on Earth.

What did that mean? Well, it meant that old energy on the Earth was being pushed out or removed so the new energy could take over. As a result, the Earth went through some upheavals or clearings, which we saw in the weather patterns etc.

It also started settling in people and animals. That was not fun. As the energy settled in you, chances are you felt it. Symptoms of this happening included digestive issues, sinus problems, fatigue, inflammation, aches and pains all over the body just to name a few and of course, covid what the final clearing on a spiritual level and yes, it's also a virus, but it was a clearing for those who needed to be cleared of very deep energies. People who had severe covid symptoms were having major clearings done on them. That's what I was told by Spirit. Basically, this new ascension energy or spiritual vibration has been breaking down our bodies or damaging them as it removed old energy and settled in us.

Now that phase apparently ended yesterday December 21st, 2020. So over the last few days you might have felt really out of sorts. Yesterday, I felt so bloated and really quite awful. I also became extremely tired. I was told by Spirit that I was being "tied off" energy-wise. That meant that I had all of the energies in my physical and spiritual bodies that I needed to complete my incarnation or in other words ... to last me until I die. Ascension energy was no longer just flowing through me to push out the old or it wasn't shoving new energy into me that I was going to have to adjust to anymore. That's a good thing because adjusting is very unpleasant.

So now that it's settled ... what does that mean? There's a lot of "what does that mean" in this entry. LOL

Does it mean that suddenly we're all going to feel great? Actually, no. Please keep in mind that the symptoms that you felt during the energy settling in our bodies was very much dependent on your personal spiritual vibration as well as how much work you did on yourself spiritually in terms of resolving karma or learning life lessons. So if you did a lot of resolving or learning - you probably felt the settling a lot. If you didn't, you might have felt a bit of the settling but it probably wasn't anywhere near as severe as those who did do a lot of work on themselves spiritually.

Please understand that whether you suffered a lot or a little doesn't make you better or more advanced in any way. It's just what you had to go through. Someone with a very low spiritual vibration could have cleared a lot and suffered a lot. Someone with a very high spiritual vibration could have cleared very little and not suffered much at all. It's very unique to you and your spiritual path. Just know that you are where you need to be and your energy is where it needs to be.

I've been told by my Spirit Guides that people will probably continue to feel icky over the next few months because the energy is starting to heal your body. That's a good thing. It should start to heal what it damaged during the settling. That's a good thing too.

You should have noticed a difference in how you felt when the energy was finally tied off for you. The day that the energy was being tied off, you probably felt bloated, tired, not very hungry and you might have felt like you were going to explode or were puffed out energy-wise. You might have felt inflammation that was intense and probably even felt emotionally icky.

Now the day after that happened, you probably felt lighter in some way. You probably felt different, but couldn't really put your finger on what it was - you just felt better. That's because the energy is no longer being pushed through you. It is now moving around in your energetic and physical bodies doing it's healing work.

What can you expect from this? Well, over the next few months and that time may vary depending on your spiritual vibration and what you released, you'll find that you'll start to feel better day-by-day. You'll still have some symptoms as the healings takes place, but they are different types of symptoms. I was told to expect to feel these healing symptoms for the next 3 to 4 months, but that's for me, you might not feel anything at all and some of you might also go through it for weeks or months. It's going to be unique to you.

I have already noticed releases happening. This morning I was feeling pretty good compared to yesterday. I'm already feeling much more energetic and I wasn't at all bloated when I woke up. My mind is also much clearer. I started making breakfast an all of a sudden I had this strong, sharp pinching pain on the left side of my back and it felt like a rib had gone out of place. Immediately, I started burping and I know sounds weird, but anytime I release that's what happens. When the burps stop, I know the energy has moved through the blockage or release. That sharp pinching pain lasted on and off for about 15 minutes. Then it simmered down and the burping stopped. I'm sure that area is going to be a bit more sensitive for the next while, while it gets used t the new flow of energy.

Of course, I tuned-in to find out what the heck that was all about and I was told, "they are releases, but they are healing releases". So what's being cleared is now healing my body.

So if you are thinking that you're still feeling the same as before - know that the process is different. The energy is not breaking down your body anymore - it is healing it and that is a very different thing from before.

Now, if you want to help this process along, you'll have to take care of yourself. You must rest when needed. You must eat well for your spiritual vibration. You must limit negativity, which means staying away from negative people and situations and if you're around them you must clear your energy after such encounters. You should ground daily. You should meditate daily. This energy is very picky. It pushes you to heal.

This is really good news from a personal healing perspective - especially for those who have been working on themselves and have had old energy influencing their life. Think of it as being re-born and now you are staring afresh.

It's what many of us have been waiting for and it's a really good thing.  

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