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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Dog in Jeep

August 29
Image by Wendy Kay or Oralin

Dear Lightworker,

So if you came to the live show on Thursday, you know that I mentioned that I was going through a release of emotions and that anger was the lucky emotion being released.

When I woke up yesterday, I actually thought it was "done". I felt pretty good. I wasn't bloated or swollen - well, not as much as I had been and I felt at peace.

It wasn't until my afternoon break that I noticed how strong the release was and I have to thank my Spirit Guides for making sure to create so many events to help me release. They do that you know. They create situations that they know are going to get you to react so that you can release the emotion (whatever that is) more easily.

Anyway, back to my story.

I head out to the country farm store to grab some veggies. They have a sign on the door that reads "only 1 person inside at a time" - it is a small sign and a very small country self-serve store. While I'm in there, a couple pull up and enter the store. That immediately made me very angry.

The lady said hello and I ignored her. As she's walking around she starts to cough. Seriously? You ignore the sign and now you are coughing in this small space? Yes, she was wearing a mask, but I doubt that helped much.

At times like this I wish I was more like my sister who has absolutely no problem yelling at people. I on the other hand am still the peace keeper who does not like conflict so I don't say anything but slam the door as I leave. I'm sure they didn't notice nor care.

The release however, is in full force now.

As I drive away I am bitching and spewing vulgarities. I really don't know how angry people walk around being angry all the time. It's quite horrible. I understand that I'm releasing the anger energy I have pent up for years and have stored in my muscles etc. but I really don't enjoy the anger releasing process.

I'm the type of person who says nothing and then one day I explode. It takes a lot for that to happen. In fact, I believe it has only happened about 4 or 5 times in my life. The first time being when I was about 18 years old with my mother. Few people have had the pleasure of being on the end of that release. LOL

Anyway, I get to the Metro grocery store (this is a major grocery store) to pick up a couple of items. I'm heading to the cashier and there are about 6 men standing in a circle blocking the aisle having a meeting of some type. They are not social distancing. They are probably less than a foot apart. They could easily have held hands and done a dance because they are forming a type of circle so nobody can get by. That stopped my shopping. I just paid and left the store bitching all the while.

So I get in my car and the anger is still releasing.

This is how stupid things become. I'm turning left at a set of lights to go and grab some Harvey's onion rings which I know won't react well on my digestion but the craving is strong and the Guides have said to just go with it and it will get better so I am ... and a bee attempts to come in through the open car window.

So I'm waving my arm around and telling the bee to f**k off - yes, I'm yelling at the bee ... and I believe the man that was in the truck waiting for the lights to change thought I was waving at him as he was smiling at me. Well, I hate to disappoint you buddy. Besides, this is one day you do NOT want to be talking to me!

I finally get back home and as I'm coming up the porch stairs I notice there is a rather large dog sitting in a jeep at the store next to where I live. He was wearing a doggie seat belt and he was watching me. He looked so funny to me and actually made me laugh. I think that was my Guides was of saying, "Relax...laugh a bit". So I took a picture of him and decided to share it with you on this post.

So as I get in the house I feel the physical part of the release is happening as well. I realize that my day is pretty much over now. I don't have the mindset to do anymore readings. I don't want to put my anger energy into them. I'm glad this all didn't start until after I had done 4 readings so at least I got something done.

So I hope those of you who are going through releases aren't going through the anger release. It's no fun, but I get it.

Oh, I did manage to write this up but it was more therapeutic than work. I also wrote the farm and asked them to make their signs bigger (not that it will help) and Metro to complain about the lack of social distancing from Management. I told you ... I was in a bad mood! LOL

Also, I forgot to mention that as I was watching a Netflix movie Thursday night called Alpha and started crying for no reason. Lasted a few minutes and was done. Part of the release. Hey, at least it wasn't anger.

Cathy - if you haven't seen the movie you might enjoy it (I know she has Netflix). Actually, if any of you have Netflix or access to the movie and haven't seen it, you might enjoy it.

I don't think there is anything particularly "spiritual" about it - well, maybe ... it is about a young man who is coming of age. During a hunt with his tribe he is injured after he is thrown over a cliff by a bison. He lands on a ledge and they think he has died as he is unconscious and about 50 feet below them. The tribe leaves him behind as they have no way of getting to him. This takes place 20,000 years ago so there aren't any helicopters with First Responders. He is not dead. The rest of the movie is about his relationship with a wolf as he attempts to journey home. It's a family movie and has a great ending.

As I finish writing this, some idiot next door has decided to blare his music (can you tell the anger is still releasing?) and it's not even music I enjoy. Go figure. This day is definitely done...

Blue Ribbon Title Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


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