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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Patterns of Release

August 24

Dear Lightworker,

If you have ever wondered what a message from Spirit can look like...well, read on. 

I had worked all day and was actually feeling pretty tired, but I suddenly had the urge to rearrange the furniture in my living room. Seriously, my body felt like it was going into automatic mode. I knew I was too tired, but I also knew it had to be done. Didn't know why, but just knew... (by the way, that is usually a nudge from Spirit)

So the next thing I know, I'm moving my furniture around. I'm not in the best of shape to begin with and as far as being strong. However, life circumstances have taught me a few things about doing things on your own and often working through the pain. 

Now just as I begin moving everything around, I end up banging my toe into something - a piece of wood or metal on a piece of furniture I think. I actually don't remember as I just take it all in stride. It's not the end of the world after all - I just know it hurt like a son of a gun (that's me being polite). However, there was no time for self-pity. I just needed to get on with the job. 

Now about half way into the process, I did something pretty stupid. I banged my toe - the same toe - into something else hard - again, furniture I think. Now this time, I had to take a bit of a breather. I prayed that it was not broken and after taking some deep breaths, I tried to bend it and it did bend so I figured it wasn't broken. If I recall, you really can't do much for a broken toe anyway so I might just as well continue moving stuff with a bit of a limp. If I can still walk, I can still do what needs to be done. 

Now I also have a bad back and neck - okay, not bad really...just weak and constantly going out of alignment. Every time I was pushing the heavy furniture or dragging heavy piece, I could feel a sharp pain in a muscle and I thought, "There goes my neck. There goes my back." I kept thinking that I should stop, but something kept me going. Luckily I had a chiropractor appointment in two days.  

It took me hours to move everything around, but I did like the end result. It felt "open" and I created a lovely little entertainment area where people could interact and socialize - should I ever have the chance to do that again considering life in 2020. 

I took a few minutes to lay on the couch and attend to my toe which was already black and blue.  

But hey, I'm a healer! So let's do what a healer should do... 

I knew that there would be energy blockages created by banging my toe twice. There would have been a blockage for the first time, but even more so with the second injury. So I removed the blockages and then lay back to endure the pain. Now that the energy was flowing, the pain increased significantly, which I knew it would and I knew it was temporary but that didn't make it hurt any less.  

The throbbing and the pain finally subsided to a tolerable point. So I got up and went to do something and guess what? Yep... I banged the same toe AGAIN.  

My reaction? "Are you f**cking kidding me? What the hell is going on? Three times?????" 

I thought this as a bent over in searing, burning pain that traveled through my body. I figured I had broken it for sure now and the pain brought me to tears and took my breath away. It took me a lot longer to recuperate and make my way back to the couch. 

All I could think was, "Why?" This was definitely NOT a "by chance" occurrence. It was a meant to be incident. Once is an incident that might have some significance based on Louise Hayes book "Heal Your Body" (which by the way is a great reference book to have on hand). 

Twice was someone making a point about something for sure, but what the hell was three times all about? This was not a simple message. 

That, my fellow Lightworkers was a significant event - maybe a message, but definitely something of significance. 

So I put a rub for sore muscles on my neck and shoulders which by this time were in pain and I considered cancelling the chiropractor because to be honest I didn't want her touching me while the muscles were that damaged. Then I figured I'd wait to see how I felt by the morning. As it happens, by the time I had to go see her in two days I was functional and the pain was no big deal - but I was definitely out of alignment. 

So I continued to limp around for several days and then the chiropractor put my neck and back to where they needed to be. I put arnica on my black and blue toe to help the healing process and I decided to meditate to see what the heck it was all about... 

So what was it all about. Well, it was actually very interesting and I shall share that in the ebook which should be out in September.

Blue Ribbon Title Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


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