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Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light
Where you live affects your ascension process.

August 15
Image by Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Dear Lightworker,

First of all ... a big thank you to my client for allowing me to post this bit of her experience. I really appreciate it and hope it gives someone some understanding to make your path easier.

Did you know that where you live on the planet can affect how you feel with the ascension energy clearing out the old stuff from your body? Yep...who knew?

If you live in country or area where the energy is dense and you have a higher level spiritual vibration, you can experience the settling of the energy much more. So you might feel more emotional or in more pain or have more severe reactions. If you live in a country where the energy is lighter and you have a higher level spiritual vibration, then you'll still have the reactions, but probably not an intensely as the person living in the denser energy.

In fact, one of my clients who has a pretty high spiritual vibration actually ended up taking a trip to Canada so that the process would be easier and faster. She didn't know why she chose to visit Canada just prior to covid-19 hitting hard and closing everything, she just was guided to do so and followed her intuition.

We had actually hoped we could meet for an in-person reading as we've communicated for years and years, but the pandemic squashed that idea. Anyway, during her stay in Canada she discovered through readings and meditations that she was meant to come here to speed up the process and makes things easier. That was surprising. I had no idea that the energy in one area of the planet would influence the settling of the energy in one's body.

Now what's really interesting is that she was told through a reading that she would have to adjust to the energy when she got home. Neither of us knew what that meant however, when she got home she ended up going through a very intense adjustment for a number of days - worse than anything she felt in Canada. So the Guides were not kidding when they said she would need to adjust.

When she wrote and told me what happened I checked with my Guides and they explained that the dense energy of where she lives compared to her own spiritual vibration made for a rather intense adjustment.

So keep that in mind if you are traveling from one place to another. The spiritual vibration of one place can affect how you feel depending on how it compares to you spiritual vibration. It really makes me appreciate living in Canada...

Blue Ribbon Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


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