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Enter the Contest to Win!

Enter for your chance to win 50 Credits worth $50.00 CDN that can be used for psychic readings, psychic development coaching by email and any product or service that uses Credits as payment.

We're celebrating that the basics of the new Oralin site are online and what better way to celebrate than with a fun contest! Details below entry form.

When you submit your entry, you must click on the confirmation email that's sent to your mailbox to subscribe to our mail list. If you don't do that, your entry is not submitted. You'll need to do that each time you enter even if you've confirmed it before (sorry, it's just the way it works).

Also, you'll need to stay subscribed until December 25th otherwise any of your entries are deleted (again sorry, that's just the way it works). Also, make sure you answer the skill-testing question correctly. Incorrect answers are automatically deleted so they won't be submitted.

You can enter daily after 8 am EST from for your chance to win! (Only one entry per day allowed.)

Contest runs from October 5, 2018 until December 25, 2018. Winner will be randomly picked on December 26, 2018 and contacted.

Prize is 50 Credits and is not transferable and can not be redeemed for cash.

Those 50 Credits can be used for any services or products that accept Credits as payments at the time you choose to redeem all of them or any part of them - so you can redeem 20 Credits and wait a while to redeem more. Credits can be redeemed within the time period of 1 year from December 26, 2018 to December 26, 2019.

Good luck to everyone!

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