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Support by Email...

You Never Need to Walk Your Path Alone!

It won't take you long to discover that walking a spiritual path generates a lot of questions. It can't be helped. It's a path of personal growth and development!

As you start to expand your awareness, your journey becomes one of exciting encounters, interesting lessons, new ways of seeing life (and the world in general), developing or enhancing a strong belief system, learning more about yourself and others and for some... helping others and learning to communicate with the Spirit World.

There is no doubt about it - this is a path of knowledge, change, growth and unlimited, fascinating experiences. The learning never ends. Walking a spiritual path CHANGES YOUR LIFE!!

To ensure you are getting the correct information for YOUR life path, it's recommended that you build your own connection with Spirit so you can communicate with the Divine and your own Guides and Teachers to get answers. They know what you are meant to accomplish on your path and if you connect to the Divine, you'll always get what you need to know. That is the best way to get your answers.

The next best way would be to get guidance or advice from someone you know connects with Spirit properly and has knowledge that resonates with your own path. If you are on this site, chances are your energy or life path resonates with what Wendy has to share.

Buy Credits, Redeem Credits and Get Your Answer...

Wendy offers support by email so you always have access to someone that can offer answers to your questions about your journey. Support by email works this way...

1. Buy credits through the store.
2. Redeem the credits for minutes that are used to answer your questions. (3* Credits = 1* Minute of Coaching by Email so 30 Credits = 10 Minutes of Support by Email etc.)

It's that easy!

Submit your questions any time of the night or day! Support easily fits into your schedule.

How to Redeem Your Credits...

Step 1. Decide how many minutes you want to use for your question(s). If you don't know how many Credits you have, log in to your Oralin Account (opens in new browser window) and then click on the "Redeem Credits" tab. The number of available Credits is found just under the Redeem Credits title. You can also just tell Wendy to use as many minutes as needed in the Questions field on the form.

Step 2. Fill out the Support By Email form or if you prefer, click on the Help Desk tab to submit a ticket.

Let Wendy know the maximum number many minutes you want to use for your question(s) and then once she answers you, she adjusts your Credits as necessary. She won't use more time/credits than what you specify. For example, if you purchase 50 Minutes, you can submit a question and say that you want to use up to 10 Minutes. That would leave you for 40 Minutes for more questions as you need them.

If you don't specify the number of minutes to use, she'll use what is necessary to respond to you. If she can't answer your question for any reason, credits won't be deducted. If the question can be answered through an online video, she'll let you know - that way you can save your Credits and use them for something else. The timer starts from the point she begins reading your email.

Click here to buy Credits for Coaching by Email now. Credits may also be used for other products/service offered. Click here to see other services/products available for purchase using Credits.

*Number of Credits needed and Minutes per Credit subject to change without notice. **CDN plus any applicable taxes.

Shorten Your Learning Curve...

This path includes a lot of lessons, which means you'll be learning quite a bit about yourself, life, others, karma, life lessons, auras, energy, the Spirit World, and more. Just when you think you understand it all - something else will come up to show you that you have more to learn.

Without access to someone who has already walked the path, your learning curve can be quite long and might even be stressful. Your path can be more enjoyable if can ask someone a question about your experience and move quickly to the next exciting morsel of enlightenment. Coaching by email can help to shorten your learning curve, enhance your experiences so that you can continue working on raising your vibration and bringing harmony to the world.

Make your path easier by asking questions and getting answers that let you know that what you're experiencing is normal. Maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction or it's possible a bit of advice or a suggestion can improve your results.

Wendy has already walked this path and has discovered the answers to a lot of questions. She can share her knowledge with you to help make your path easier and you can gain confidence as you move forward.

It doesn't matter whether you choose to develop your abilities, do readings, meditate, perform healings, work with crystals, connect with those who have passed on, work with the police, dowse, or whatever else you want to investigate or pursue - you will have questions.

You're going to want to try and find some answers to those questions and this is where Wendy can help. She connects to the Divine to get all of information and only shares what she knows to be true based on her own experiences - not from what she's read elsewhere. Even if someone tells her something, she double-checks with her own Guides and researches and experiments to ensure what she has been told holds true for her.

It's quite normal to have doubts about whether you can see in Spirit (Clairvoyance), hear in Spirit (Clairaudience), feel what other's feel (Clairsentience) or use your Intuition with accuracy. It's part of the path of learning to handle and believe in your psychic gifts. It is also quite normal to be afraid of the unknown. Wendy can hold your hand as you walk the path and reassure you that what you are experiencing is fine and maybe even advanced or above normal!

You may have heard all kinds of theories or myths associated with developing your psychic abilities. Discover your own truths! Wendy walks the path with you to help you address your fears. Gain the confidence you need to move forward on this path. Ensure you have a solid foundation so that you can strengthen your connection to Spirit.

"I have been working with Wendy and the team at Oralin for a little more than a year. I had many readings done, healings, and some coaching. The readings have been so helpful in keeping me going and getting me closer to realizing my dreams. I have experienced a lot of growth and healing while working with Wendy and its been a long journey but just like my guides have been telling me, I finally feel like I am learning that big life lesson I needed to in order to move forward. As I look back at my readings over the past it amazes to see how true it is that our guides give us exactly what we need and what we can handle at the time. I am very thankful for the services that Wendy provides." Jeanette - 02/14/2015

Remember that Wendy has walked the path (and still continues to do so) for over 30 years. Her focus has been on researching and studying psychic development. She has over 30 years of diaries filled with messages and information from Spirit. This is knowledge that she has gained through hard work and dedication, but she doesn't want your path to be so challenging! You can take advantage of what she's already discovered.

Wendy makes it simple for you to have access to someone who ensures you have the tools for success as you pursue this path.

Wendy doesn't claim to "know it all", but she has a lot of experience and/or knowledge that she's gathered over the years. If she doesn't have an answer or any suggestions in response to your question, she'll let you know and you won't lose any Credits. She'll only suggest what she knows to be true from her own experiences. She can't guarantee that any suggestion she gives you is going to work as your path is unique and it depends on what you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime. She will however, pass on any knowledge that she has relating to your question/situation.
Also, if you ask a question and there is information in the Library that answers your question, she'll refer you to it. This can save you using your Credits so you can ask another question when needed.

Refund Policy

No refunds. Credits are non-transferable and have no cash value.

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