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You Are Never Alone Guided Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing Meditation Session

You Are Never Alone Guided Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing  Meditation Session

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There are times in your life when you can feel very alone - especially during the various holidays throughout the year.

This feeling can be intensified especially if you've lost a loved one. You can be missing them and your life feels empty in some way.

You can be surrounded by family and friends and still feel alone. Others find it difficult to understand how you feel and it's a challenge to explain it to them.

Sometimes you feel like you're in a bubble - living on the outside and watching everyone else have a life. It's a silent state of suffering.

If you already communicate with Spirit or are trying to strengthen your connection to Spirit, it's possible to go through periods of time where you feel disconnected from them.

The good news is that using this guided session can transform your energy so that your pathways to feeling connected are opened. How does it do that? This narrative is specific and removes blockages that interfere with your connection to any living person (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) and to those in Spirit who are helping you on your path.

It often helps you to feel a sense of comfort and makes life easier. You might feel surrounded by love energy so you don't feel so alone. It's like a sense of peace takes over.

There's no need to suffer anymore! If you have blockages that are making you feel distant from loved ones in physical or in Spirit - try this narrative and feel connected again.

Price: $16.00* CDN
Recommended Add-Ons: Daily Distance Aura Cleansing & Protection, Daily Distance Home or Work Space Cleansing & Protection

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No refunds. The blockages that can be cleared for each person are unique to that person so we cannot guarantee results. If you are drawn to a particular narrative, it generally means that you are being guided and your intuition is telling you that you need it.


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