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Set Your Own Focus Guided Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing Meditation Session

Set Your Own Focus Guided Blockage Clearing and Balancing Session

Sometimes you just can't find a solution to feeling better. It's possible that traditional fixes aren't working or aren't working well enough.

Maybe you have an issue that you don't want to share with anyone else - including a professional. This allows you to keep your issue private, but still work on resolving or improving your quality of life.

Or maybe it's not a physical issue, but more of a mental or emotional issue that's keeping you down or back in life. That's absolutely no fun at all! Depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, resentment, anger, jealousy, frustration, fears, etc. - it doesn't matter what it is, you can now address the issue without having to say a word to anyone.

Price:$16.00* CDN
Recommended Add-Ons: Daily Distance Aura Cleansing & Protection, Daily Distance Home or Work Space Cleansing & Protection

Not sure what focus you should use? Here are a few suggestions for this month:
Suggested Focuses for February

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If you've been through a traumatic event that you find shameful or embarrassing, you can now start to deal with those feelings so that you can claim back your power. You deserve the best life possible.

There is an easy a solution - a tool you can use to address any ailment or issue from the comfort of your own home. This particular narrative works on clearing blockages based on the focus that YOU set.

You might be in a situation that's ongoing that causes stress and that can really affect your health. Whether it's stress due to work, relationships, financial issues, problems with children, feeling stuck in life - any cause can be addressed. Use this narrative and set it to clear stress blockages in general and start living with more peace and calm in your life.

Maybe you have a goal in mind such as weight gain or loss so you can set the focus to help you achieve the goal. It can help address blockages that make (stress, lack of self-love, low self-esteem, mobility issues) losing or gaining weight a challenge.

You can even address addictions. Addictions can be both physical and emotional in nature so setting the narrative to work on clearing blockages affecting your ability to change your behaviours is helpful. This works well to support you in your efforts to overcome any habit that isn't beneficial to you. Usually, physical dis-ease or issues originate from energy blockages. When energy can't flow properly, the body can't be nourished so the physical body can become out of balance and different physical issues can occur.

Many find relief from ailments as the energy starts to flow freely through the energy pathways. Try listening to the narrative and set it for reducing pain and/or inflammation, ADD, shrinking tumors, strengthening the immune system, improving memory problems, increasing mobility - any physical issue.

Have you recently had surgery or are you having surgery? Use this narrative to help with recovery. Get the energy flowing properly again quickly so you are back to living life.

You can even set this narrative to help you achieve goals in life such as attracting love into your life, improving relationships, achieving self-love, getting rid of negative energy from the past, etc.

For example, you might want to attract a lover partner, but feel like you are being blocked from having this happen. It's possible that experiences from your past have created a blockage from fears (hurt, abandoned, rejection) or have set up a type of energy protection that pushes love away. Set the narrative to release any blockages affecting your ability to attract what you desire in life.

If the issue or ailment is related to an energy blockage then clearing that blockage is going to have a positive affect.

You can set this narrative for anything - the possibilities are endless.

You are being handed a tool that can help you. Try it and how it changes how you feel. It can change your life.

Don't carry issues from past lives, childhood or from any time in your life around with you anymore. If you've dealt with any issue so it's no longer attached to you, then you need to clear it out, otherwise it sits in your energy and can still influence you. Set this narrative to clear blockages from old thoughts and energy no longer needed for your life path.

If you want to help another person, who is suffering, but won't or can't listen to the narrative ...try doing this guided session on their behalf. They might be in a bad space mentally or emotionally or maybe in a hospital. They might be too young to listen or too old to take this step. You can the session and they get the benefits!

Any person of any age can use this narrative daily, every other day or every 3 days. There's no point in suffering if you don't have to suffer.

Results are cumulative so you'll have more and more blockages removed each time you listen to the narrative. When blockages are cleared and energy flows, all bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) are nourished so they function as they should. This normally leads to a feeling of increased well-being.

Price: Special Limited Time Price - $16.00* CDN
Recommended Add-Ons: Daily Distance Aura Cleansing & Protection, Daily Distance Home or Work Space Cleansing & Protection

Not sure what focus you should use? Here are a few suggestions for this month:
Suggested Focuses for February

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Refund Policy

No refunds. The blockages that can be cleared for each person are unique to that person so we cannot guarantee results. If you are drawn to a particular narrative, it generally means that you are being guided and your intuition is telling you that you need it.


You agree to take full legal and personal responsibility for any experiences you have as a result of practicing any technique, incorporating any suggestions or recommendations into your life, or making any decision as a result of knowledge shared. Oralin, Wendy Kay and any third party who provides information for the videos do not assume any responsibility and are not liable for your experiences and/or the decisions you make based on the knowledge provided. If you have health issue, see a doctor regardless of what is given in a reading or meditation (guided or otherwise). Any service/product from, or does not replace medical/professional services.

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