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February Focuses

Suggested Focuses

The first focuses are about love and Valentine's Day and if you scroll down, there are suggestions for other issues and ailments.

Valentine's Day can bring about a lot of feelings and issues if you are not in a relationship and want to be in one or if you are in a relationship and it needs improvement.

There are different ways to work on blockages that affect love and relationships. You can work on clearing blockages that are preventing you from getting the love you desire in life. Many don't understand why they can't meet their true love. Sometimes, it's a matter of timing so it's a matter of accepting your current path with joy. Sometimes, it's because you have other things to learn first or the other person has things to learn.

Waiting for love can be difficult and depressing and sometimes, you can feel those emotions because of past hurts or life issues.

Read through the suggestions below and pay attention to how you feel. There could be one that grabs or pulls at you in some way and that is probably the focus you need. It might not even be what you thought, but when your intuition is guiding you - pay attention to what it's telling you.

Love and Valentine's Day:

"Remove blockages from past lives that affect and prevent me from finding a romantic love partner."

"Remove blockages that prevent me from having a fulfilling relationship with [enter other person's name]."

"Remove blockages contributing to being unhappy or depressed having to do with finding a love and Valentine's Day."

"Remove blockages of fear that prevent me from having, accepting or finding a romantic relationship."

"Remove blockages from past relationships that prevent me from finding or having a loving romantic relationship now."

"Remove any blockages that need to be cleared so that I can then find a romantic love partner."

"Help me to feel better and not be so depressed or unhappy during this time of year."

Other Suggestions:

"Remove past life blockages that can now be removed and that are not longer needed."

"Remove any negative energy interfering with positive thoughts."

"Remove any stress blockages, or blockages contributing to generating more stress blockages."

"Remove any blockages creating or having to do with [enter any disease or illness]".

"Help me to be more creative."

"Help me to make a decision about [enter what the decision is that has to be made]".

"Help me to love myself."

"Help me to lose excess weight."

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