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Guided Energy Clearing and Balancing Session - FAQ

FAQ About Guided Energy Clearing and Balancing Session

What is the Guided Energy Clearing and Balancing Session?
What's involved in doing the session?
How often should you do the session?
How many blockages are removed each time you listen to a narrative?
Is blockage removal permanent?
Can you use the same narrative forever?
Is there a limit to how long you can do Energy Clearing and Balancing Sessions?
Can you do more than one narrative over the 3 to 4 weeks?
Can you listen to a narrative more than once during a day?
Can you use the "Set Your Own Focus" narrative for more than one focus or switch focuses?
Can you do a Group or Focused Blockage-Be-Gone! Session while doing these guided sessions?
When is the best time to do your session?
How fast will you notice changes?
Can you do the session for another person?
Can you use the same narrative for more than one person?
Can you use this narrative to help your pet or other animals?
Can I use these sessions if I'm seeing a health care professional?
Refund Policy

What are Guided Energy Clearing and Balancing Sessions?

These are dual purpose Guided Meditations.

Most importantly, they help you by removing blockages in your energy and then balancing your energy, which improves the flow of energy throughout your body.

They are also a regular Guided Meditation. So when blockages are not being removed and your energy is not being balanced, they can be used as a relaxing Guided Meditation.

What does it do?

These are "fix-me" (or help fix someone else) guided sessions. You listen to the recording at a time that's convenient for you. The session is designed to clear energy blockages that affect your physical body and/or emotional body. After removing blockages, it then balances your energy.

Each session or narrative is set up to clear blockages based on a specific focus and then there are two types of sessions that don't have a specific focus related to physical or emotional blockages.

Our "What's Needed in the Moment" session is perfect if you're not sure what needs to be cleared to make your life better.

Our "Set Your Own Focus" is ideal if you know what want worked on and you set the focus so it is specific to your needs and/or wants. So you can be specific and address issues such as stress reduction, back issues, weight loss, pain, inflammation, cancer, tumors, depression, memory loss, healing from surgery, COPD ... any disease or imbalance in the body.

You can also address other blockages that could be preventing you from achieving what you want from life. So you can clear blockages that: are negative and interfere with your life, are no longer needed and that interfere with your life, prevent you from attracting love into your life, interfere with you improving relationships, interfere with you achieving self-love, keep you in a negative state of mind, contribute to you feeling insecure, contribute to you feeling jealous, contribute to your feeling angry, etc.

Any issue can be addressed. The possibilities are endless. If those issues are being caused by an energy blockage and the blockage is removed then energy can flow as it should. Positive energy flow nourishes the body and mind.

You don't have to do anything except listen to the recording. Sessions automatically work to clear energy blockages that need to be cleared so that your energy flows as it should.

Having energy blockages can cause one to suffer so it's beneficial to remove them. The goal is to help you or a loved one because nobody wants to suffer and if you don't need to ... why would you? Doing the session can affect your thoughts, emotions and physical body.

It's a super simple way to clear and correct energy blockages and imbalances. Many experience improvements in their quality of life. It is a process though and not a miracle cure. Blockages normally build over time (even since childhood) and must be removed slowly in layers so your body can adjust to the new energy flow.

What's involved in doing the session?

There's really not much involved in doing a session. When I said it's super easy to do - I meant it. There are a couple of ways to benefit from the narrative.

1. Simply take some time for yourself and listen to the recording. It is a guided session so you can follow along with the narrative and visualize what's being said or you can simply relax and just rest. Let yourself slip into a wonderful relaxed state.

2. Play it in the background while you're at work or doing chores. It does normally relax you so keep that in mind and it's not a good idea to listen to it while driving.

You'll receive the benefits whether you're following along with the narrative or not.

3. Play it in the background on low while you're watching television or just sitting and reading.

I know it sounds too easy, but it's true. It has been set up or programmed to start working as soon as you start playing it.

How often should you do the session?

For a gentle, continuous clearing and balancing, listen to the narrative daily. That creates a wonderful routine and you'll start to reap the benefits right away and you'll be assured to get the most from your narrative.

You should do the session at least every 3 days - if you do it less, you won't get the full benefits of the clearing and balancing that could be done throughout the month.

It's really up to you, but sticking to a schedule is normally best.

How many blockages are removed each time you listen to a narrative?

Basically, what is allowed to be removed is removed. Blockages are removed in layers and your body must adjust to the new energy flow after each removal.

Think of it this way...

The first day you listen to the narrative, a snapshot of the blockages that are going to be removed throughout the month is taken. Then each time you listen to it, layers of blockages are removed based on that snapshot.

At the end of the month, all of the blockages from that snapshot should be cleared and then you can get a newly charged narrative.

When you listen to the newly charged narrative, another snapshot of the next set of blockages that are going to be removed is taken and the process repeats itself.

So the number of blockages varies each time you activate the narrative and a different snapshot is taken.

Is Blockage Removal Permanent?

Well, it depends. You might have to do your part to prevent blockages from returning. Let me explain with a personal example.

If I don't eat properly for my body, I end up with stomach pains and overall body inflammation. Not eating properly for me means eating gluten products, sugar products and large amounts of dairy.

If I eat regular bread or have a doughnut, I'll bloat and normally get pain in my hands, knees and other parts of my body that day and the next day (and maybe longer). Did you know the stomach energy path runs through the knees? Yep, so it's possible to get knee pain if you have a blockage in your stomach energy path. Now, I know all of that. However, I do love my sweets and when I'm stressed - I love them even more.

I use the blockage clearing when that happens and it works. However, as soon as I eat more gluten and sugar products I create the blockages again. Yes, I can remove them doing the session but it takes a bit of time depending on how much damage I've done to my energy and body. So to maintain a blockage-free body, I'd have to change my eating habits and how I deal with stress.

Now, let's say I have blockages in my body that I'm carrying from past lives that relate to my loving sugar products. Perhaps in a past life I was poor and was a servant to wealthy people that ate cakes all the time and maybe I was never allowed to eat any and was taunted by another family member about it.

Maybe my desire for those sweets was so strong and my resentment at not being able to eat them and being taunted was so strong that I carried that attitude forward into other lifetimes.

So in each lifetime after that one, I would feel the need to eat sweets to fulfill that desire.

Now maybe in this lifetime, I finally release that resentment and I'm no longer driven by that emotion. If I do blockage clearing and balancing to remove any past life energy that's no longer needed, the energy from that lifetime contributing to my eating sweets can be removed and it won't return.

Now I still might enjoy cakes or sweets, but the influence of the past life won't be affecting me and I might easily be able to say, "this isn't healthy for my body so I'm not going to eat it" with much more ease.

If you are setting a focus for helping to heal a broken bone, a burn or cut - the removal is normally permanent. For example, when my sister had her gallbladder removed, she only needed sessions for about 2 months to remove blockages associated with that focus. Now the focus was on removing blockages to do with the surgery and not on removing the blockages that might have caused the gallbladder issue in the first place so keep in mind focuses are specific. So whether a blockage returns or not is unique to you in this life and can't be compared to anyone else. It is possible for you to release blockages and never have them return and it's also possible that they will return unless you make life changes.

Can you use the same narrative forever?

Yes. If you find a narrative that you like listening to, you can always use that narrative, but you'll have to purchase newly charged narratives to keep getting the benefits of blockage removal and energy balancing.

Each guided session or narrative has been set up to give you approximately 3 to 4 weeks of clearing and balancing, but it depends on what's been happening in your life and what if any changes you've made to how you're living your life.

You'll have access to your session for 1 month.

Getting a new narrative moves you to the next level of clearing and balancing. The energy is activated the moment you purchase your narrative. Blockages are removed based on your focus and your state of "Being" (physically and emotionally).

Over the weeks of listening to the recording, energy paths in your physical and emotional body change because of the clearings and balancing and because of your daily thoughts, actions, free will choices and life experiences so after 3 to 4 weeks, you'll feel the urge to get a new narrative - listen to your intuition as that is your guidance.

When you purchase a newly charged narrative, you'll get the chance to change your focus based on how you're feeling and what changes have taken place in your life.

Is there a limit to how long you can do Energy Clearing and Balancing Sessions?

You can do the sessions for as long as you want. If you have one issue you want to work on, then when that issue is resolved to your liking, you just stop doing the sessions.

At that point, you might want to work on another issue.

You might want to do the sessions on an ongoing basis as maintenance so your energy paths are as clear and balanced as possible.

Can you listen to more than one narrative over the 3 to 4 weeks?

If you want to get the benefits of the blockage clearing and balancing, you can listen to 2 or 3 different narratives during the same month. The programming of the narrative allows for active removal of blockages and the balancing of energy for 3 narratives. If you listen to more narratives than that, they won't remove blockages, but you'll enjoy a relaxing guided meditation.

Can you listen to a narrative more than once during a day?

You can listen to a narrative as many times as you would like - several times a day if you want. If you've had your quota of blockages removed for that day, you'll just be able to enjoy a relaxing guided meditation session - without any actual blockage removal happening. So feel free to listen to the narratives as often as you want.

When the body has adjusted to the new energy flow, blockages will start to be removed again. But you don't have to worry about that - just listen to a narrative when you feel like it.

Can you use the "Set Your Own Focus" narrative for more than one focus or switch focuses?

No. Once you start listening to the recording and have set the focus, that focus is assigned to that purchase for that person for the 3 or 4 weeks.

If you try to assign several focuses, the first one you mention is used.

Another person can set their own focus and use the same narrative for the next 3 to 4 weeks though (so another member of your family can use the narrative and it won't interfere with your results). You can also set the focus for a person you are doing the narrative on behalf of, and that's fine. You just can't change focuses for the same person. It compromises the effectiveness of the clearing and balancing.

Can you do a Group or Focused Blockage-Be-Gone! Session while doing these guided sessions?

Yes, it's fine to have a Group or Focused Session while using a narrative - they won't conflict. The Group or Focused Blockage-Be-Gone! sessions take priority over the narratives so we recommend that you don't listen to your narrative on the day the Group or Focused session is being done.

When is the best time to do your session?

It's a good idea to get in the habit of doing your session at the same time on the days you listen to the recording. For some reason, it seems to work better that way.

However, if something in life comes up and you can't do it at the same time as you have been doing it … don't worry about it. Just do it when you can. Doing it at a different time is going to be better than not doing it at all.

How fast will you notice changes?

Each person's experience is unique and changes depend on the state of your physical energy, the state of your emotional energy, what's happening in your life, your stress level, how long you've had the blockages, etc. So there are many things that can influence which blockages are cleared and how fast they are cleared.

It's possible for you to notice changes in how you feel during the session or right after the session or even the next day. You might have to listen to the recording a few times before you notice changes.

It's possible to notice changes during one session and then not notice any changes the next time you listen to it. What you'll feel varies from session to session. Just keep doing it and know that blockages are being removed and changes are happening.

Blockages build over time so you can have blockages from childhood or from any time in your life. Also, blockages must be removed in layers, which is why it's necessary to listen to the recording daily or at least every 3 days.

Once blockages are removed, the flow of energy through your body changes. You have to adjust to that new flow of energy. Once you've adjusted to the new energy flow, the next layer of blockages can be removed and then the process repeats.

Can you do the session for another person?

Yes, you can. This means that if you have an elderly parent who for example has Alzheimer's, you can do the session for that parent and the parent will feel the changes.

Or if you have a baby or young child that is ill, you can do it on their behalf. They don't even have to know you are doing it. If it's not allowed to be done, your efforts will be blocked and instead, you'll receive a "clear what is needed" session for the person.

Please know that you can't make someone do something they are not meant to do or experience. So you can't make someone love you or have feelings for you, you can't make a person stop smoking or drinking, you can't make a shy person less shy, etc.

You can however, do a session for the 3 or 4 weeks that helps a person clear obstacles that might be preventing that person from finding love. You can do a session that helps a person release blockages that are causing the smoking or drinking. You can clear blockages that are preventing a person from being more outgoing.

Of course, anything you ask for is dependent on what is allowed for that person. You can't control other people using these sessions and any efforts to do so will be blocked.

Can you use the same narrative for more than one person?

Absolutely! The narrative works on a per person/per focus basis for the month. The more people that are healed and helped on this planet the more harmony we bring to it. So everyone in your family can use the session.

You could play it in background during dinner and everyone would benefit from the session. The people need to be there.

If a person is in the hospital or away, you can do the session on their behalf (see question above).

Can I use these sessions if I'm seeing a health care professional?

Yes, absolutely. These sessions work well with any treatment you might be receiving.

Can you use this narrative to help your pet or other animals?

Unfortunately no. This narrative is set up to clear blockages and balance energy for humans only. Animal energy is different so a different narrative with a different set up would need to be done. I'll put it on the "to do" list.

Refund Policy

No refunds. The blockages that can be cleared for each person are unique to that person so we cannot guarantee results. If you are drawn to a particular narrative, it generally means that you are being guided and your intuition is telling you that you need it.


You agree to take full legal and personal responsibility for any experiences you have as a result of practicing any technique, incorporating any suggestions or recommendations into your life, or making any decision as a result of knowledge shared. Oralin, Wendy Kay and any third party who provides information for the videos do not assume any responsibility and are not liable for your experiences and/or the decisions you make based on the knowledge provided. If you have health issue, see a doctor regardless of what is given in a reading or meditation (guided or otherwise). Any service/product from, or does not replace medical/professional services.

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